4 Helpful Tips for Choosing a Name for Your Brand


Thinking about starting your very own e-commerce business? If you already know what you want to sell, the next important step is deciding on the overall image that you wish to project to customers, otherwise known as branding. For example, if you are looking to start a skincare business, it’s important to choose a theme and name that is unique from other brands already out there! Your branding decisions should be based upon the name that you choose for your business. If you’re looking for a creative way to generate ideas for your brand, it’s best to use a service like Namify to come up with unique solutions for the needs of your business. Here are four things to consider as you plan your branding strategy.

4 Helpful Tips for Choosing a Name for Your Brand

1. Choose a Unique Name

When deciding on a brand name to guide your overall business decisions, go for something new. The Namify brand name generator provides you with a unique name. In addition, using a service like Namify ensures that you aren’t copying an existing name. The last thing you want is a trademark suit on your hands – using a brand name generator service lets you forget about this worry and focus on building your business. By the same token, don’t pick a name that’s completely off-the-wall – your business may stand out for the wrong reasons and fail to rank with search engines if your chosen name is too wild.

2. Make the Name Relevant

If the brand name you choose isn’t relevant to the product you’re selling or the services you provide, it won’t communicate any useful information to the average consumer. Namify allows you to enter keywords that are relevant to your business and generates a brand name based on those keywords. The names generated by Namify use a combination of the keywords to create something meaningful. This not only helps potential customers easily figure out what your business is all about, it also is beneficial for Search Engine Optimization efforts. If you’re able to contain the keywords in your domain name in a unique way, you’ll rank higher in search engine results when users search for those words.

3. Aim for Brevity

The human brain, generally, is a fairly poor tool for remembering names. It’s a simple fact that the brain can’t process a ton of information at once, which is why your brand name should be concise. As a general rule, keep your name short and sweet since it’s proven that consumers remember concise names much more than names that are long-winded. Examples of these include Uber, Apple, Disney. These names are brief, making them better for memorability and overall catchiness.

4. Use Alternative Extensions

What do you do if you’ve come up with a brand name that’s pretty similar to an existing brand on the market? Instead of ditching the name entirely, consider using a new domain extension to set your business apart from the rest. Namify suggests interesting domain extensions that make your brand stand out. Extensions like .tech, .io, .uno or .space lend a contemporary appeal to your brand name.

Planning the branding strategy for your business is an exciting project. Follow these tips and you’ll create a winning brand name that reflects your mission and one that customers will remember.