7 Easy Tips For Saving Money Every Day


With rising costs and inflation, it can sometimes feel like a challenge to save money and reduce your spending. If your wallet is feeling the pinch, here are seven easy tips for saving money every day.

Whether you’re looking for a new Kia for sale or planning a family vacation, every bit saved helps your bank account in the long run.

1. Utilize a Budgeting App

If you already plan and budget your money, that’s great! If you’ve never done it and are looking to start, even better! There are multiple different options, both software and apps for your phone, that can help you track your spending and keep within your budget.

There are also investment apps that can round up spare change from purchases and automatically deposit it into a savings account.

2. Get a Water Purifier

Bottled water can get expensive fast—and the plastic used is hard on the environment. Instead of buying a 24-pack of bottled water, consider getting a water purifier for your sink or a water purifier pitcher and a reusable bottle you can refill whenever needed. This saves money and helps the earth.

3. Cancel Those Subscriptions

Many streaming sites and other services offer subscriptions for their products that come with a free trial. If you’ve signed up for multiple streaming services, check your accounts and credit card bill and cancel the ones you aren’t regularly using.

Some services offer bundled options that end up being cheaper than individual subscriptions, too.

4. Take Advantage of Rewards Programs

If you shop at the same grocery store chain or fill up your car at the same gas station on a weekly basis, look for rewards programs offered by these companies. They can save you money every time you fill up your cart or your car; you’re already shopping there, so why not save a little money each time and get rewarded for it?

5. Use Energy-Efficient Lightbulbs

It’s good practice to turn off lights when you aren’t in the room, but when you do need the lights on, make sure you’ve installed LED bulbs. Not only do LED bulbs use less electricity, therefore saving you money on your monthly energy bill, but LED bulbs last longer without costing much more than traditional bulbs in the first place.

6. Make a Weekly Meal Plan

If you tend to eat out a lot because there’s nothing at home, or you’re always on the go and don’t have time to cook, consider establishing a weekly meal plan. This takes the stress out of deciding what to eat, and if you have the fridge and freezer space, you can prep bulk meals in one go and divide them into containers for easy consumption later in the week.

7. Make Coffee at Home

By the time you wait in line at the drive-thru to get your morning coffee, you could have already made it at home and saved money. Use your water filter and invest in a high-quality coffee maker or espresso machine to get your daily caffeine fix and watch your savings go up.

Start Saving Your Money Today!

When it comes to saving money, every little bit helps. Implementing a few life hacks can make your wallet happy and your life easier.