8 Michael Kors Watches To Tell Time With Style


Michael Kors is a colossus in watchmaking and the fashion industry. Michael Kors is known for the luxurious, rich, and elegant pieces they create, from gorgeous handbags to stunning clothing to breathtaking watches. Nobody does it like Michael Kors. Years of experience in design ensures that these timepieces are lustrous and functional all at the same time.

We can all agree that a watch is one of the most personal things that one can carry. As such, we have decided to list down eight(8) pieces from Michael Kors’ wide selection of timepieces to help you decide on a piece that is memorable, beautiful, and functional. These pieces just might be the one you wear to a momentous occasion or pass down to generations of loved ones.

The Oversized Brecken Logo and Gold-Tone Watch By Michael Kors

This watch is classy and classic at the same time. That iconic silhouette adds to the overall charm that this watch has. The beautiful Michael Kors Watch with a gold casing emphasized by the darker elements of the piece has a color palette that lends itself to being warm and charming. The black dial also adds a hint of sophistication while contrasting with the gold, allowing for optimal reading.

The Gen 5 Lexington Tri-Tone Smartwatch By Michael Kors

This piece is young and flashy, the perfect eye-catcher. The Gold, Silver, and Rose Gold gives this piece that luxurious yet youthful feel, while the black elements of it adds depth to the watch. To add to its charming color palette, this piece is, in fact, a smartwatch. With numerous features to help make your life easier, this watch truly is the future. Features include but are not limited to text and email alerts, heart rate tracking, and more.

The Oversized Bradshaw Two-Tone Watch By Michael Kors

Here is a piece that radiates class and elegance. The Gold and Silver lends this watch to be luxurious and stunning, while the elegantly contrasting navy dial adds a cool depth to it. In addition, the face of this watch is handsome and is definitely made for those who know how to dress up and look good. To top it all off, the roman numeral time-stops adds to the charming and handsome appeal of this piece.

The Oversized Benning Pavé Gold-Tone Watch By Michael Kors

This is truly a stunning watch that is bound to catch every eye in the room. Bold in design, the golden watch is pure brilliance. Featuring a pavé dial that excellently emphasizes the three black sub-dials making the face of this watch truly eye-catching. This bold watch is made for the confident and proud, sophistication and elegance all in one absolutely stunning timepiece.

The Oversized Rose Gold-Tone and Silicone Watch By Michael Kors

On the sportier side, we have this beautiful timepiece. It comes with a rose gold casing with a black dial and black straps. This color combination is brilliant, and it shows maturity, sophistication, and elegance. This watch is the perfect accent to add to your outfits, whether it be a run to the store or a romantic dinner. This piece is charming and elegant, the perfect partner for you.

The Oversized Brecken Gunmetal Mesh Watch By Michael Kors

This piece is unique for many reasons. The mesh bracelet strap sets it apart from the crowd, thanks to its intricate design. The gunmetal and rose gold palette is also a defining feature because it is not a common combination you see in timekeepers. This piece is stylish, precise, and cold, a confident watch that is sure to spice up any and every look.

The Oversized Kyle Gold-Tone and Silicone Watch By Michael Kors

This watch catches your attention thanks to its stunning color palette and design. The sophistication of black and the lustrous gold creates a serious yet luxurious timepiece. A grand watch that elevates every wrist it is graced upon, this watch is truly a beautiful piece that is made for a man of sophistication, confidence, and style.

The Oversized Lexington Silver-Tone Watch By Michael Kors

This watch is cold and sharp in the best way possible. A silver watch like this is a staple, and it is classic, iconic, and chic. It radiates functional, precision, and style. This watch sports a beautiful black dial that sets the face beautifully. Everything about this piece is precise. From the three sub-dials to the beautiful bezel, this watch is made to be stunning and accurate.


The quality and design of these pieces are ensured and are evident with Michael Kors’ other creations. Whether it be a casual or formal event, Michael Kors is bound to have the perfect timekeeper for you. The timepieces that Michael Kors offers are the embodiment of Quality, Beauty, Functionality, and Elegance to the highest possible degree.