Apple 4S Holds Benchmark Over Samsung Galaxy S2


Having confusion in choosing mobile? Either 4S or S2? Lets have a small discussion to choose the best device. The mobile world has become a battle field for producing ever designed smart phone. The leading brands Apple and Samsung are both on same line with their tremendous featured devices. While there’s hardly any doubt that Apple iPhone on EE is incredibly successful, whether it would be able to crack the market is another issue.

The Apple introduces the extension version of its successful device iPhone 4 as iPhone 4S and its rivalry Samsung came with Galaxy S2. The two companies always being competing with each other to exploit their best. The Apple has given iOS and Samsung with its Android OS along with the most reliable and fastest EE 4g UK coverage zones.

The Apples iPhone 4S is the extended version of iPhone 4 with slight upgrade of processor and spangle camera. It made disappointment in lack of design especially in smart phone competition. The Samsung with its extended design having finest blowers crafted smoothly and made it thin. With the advanced features that blow our minds. Lets compare and find out the best device.

apple 4s

4S vs S2: Design

The galaxy S2 is a long thin slated piece which is hot tech slab. With its improved design it sizes along 8.49mm thick and weighs just 116g, the gadgets that stake over creates a good impression. The device itself indicates the business oriented for trading. Its glossy rectangular black at back side like others and the back is finished with well furniture d text. The device gives the feeling of carrying the plastic that is to make much lighter, but it does not feel as luxury as it is.

The iPhone with its heavenly look over the front side and the back is designed efficiently, placing ludicrously classy metal frame round the edges. The device is not thin as S2 measuring about 9.3mm, but still it seems to be thin. The latest version which enhanced in the antenna aspect which is a enormous flaw in 4, but in this it has enabled wireless antenna mobile to switch between two antenna’s to catch quality call signal and faster downloads.

4S vs S2: Camera

The S2 comes with good pack of wonderful camera and with its improved resolution. It consists of 8MP producing high quality images. The actual camera has itself a great software through which it snaps are HD. The sensor is capable of taking 1080p video shoots. with an excellent camera it has an fine art of taking pictures. It also contains VGA camera for video call.

The iPhone 4S comes with an excellent pack of 8MP sharp that gives incredible sharp images. It is packed with the face detection and CMOS sensor. The 4S photo process ensures quick progressive process in capturing the image. It takes 1.1 sec to snap and second is followed with a gap of 0.5 sec. The iSight camera with high definition having auto focus captures images in dark nights consisting an LED flash. The stabilisation of the video is good of 30fps and containing VGA cam for video calling.

4S vs S2: Software

The S2 runs on the Android operating system which is developed by the Google. It is amazing that puts an impressive power in the user hand. It creates wide variety of apps that makes the fans of android. But sometimes it feels to be geeky that make us lost in the world of several features. We loose ourselves completely in difficult menu systems. Finally the android market has become worthless and we may find hardly a few of them that are essential.

The 4S runs with iOS 5 which is very fantastic for the users who are mad of searching a bit. It is incredibly simple to use and apps are arranges in 12 cross multiple screens. There are additional fetching options that provide better iMessage and notifications, free messaging app. The another kind of fetching option is Siri, which is voice activated command. The user can bark the commands over the device and provides a sophisticated way of dealing the iPhone 4S.

At the end of discussion it seems to be the both devices have same enhancing features but in case of software the 4S gains more attention towards it. So, its better to prefer iPhone 4S.