How to Pick the Best Internet Service


We all take using the Internet for granted, but when it comes to actually getting online; it’s easy to get confused with all the options on offer and to find the best way to keep you connected.

Before you jump into looking at internet providers such as Hughesnet internet, the first thing you need to consider is what type of service you need. Are you planning on being online at home, on the move, with a games console, or using the Internet on your Smartphone… the questions you will need to consider are critical, before you even part with a single dollar.

Home Internet

If your only concern is getting online at home, then on a basic level you have two main options. Most people will look for a fast broadband Internet service to ensure that your connection is there when you need it without any limitations. If you make any real use of the Internet – whether it’s for browsing, gaming, watching movies or television, downloading music or anything else – then you really need broadband.

However, if your needs are more basic and you’re looking for little more than home access to emails, and basic web browsing, then dial-up could be for you. It is considerably slower than broadband, but as long as you have your computer and a phone line, you can use your dial-up connection anywhere. It does mean that – unlike broadband – you can’t use your phone line at the same time as the Internet, but it is a lot cheaper and could still be ideal for some.

Internet To Go

If you want to use the Internet while you are out and about, then you have even more options to consider. If you are using a mobile device to connect to the Internet, then there are several ways you can get online while you are on the move. Most mobile devices are Wi-Fi enabled so it’s easy enough to access a Wi-Fi hotspot. While there are some free publicly available access points, most need to be paid for. Some Internet providers offer free Wi-Fi as part of their packages.

Alternatively, you can connect to the Internet directly using your Smartphone as long as you have a strong signal. If you’re not likely to be a heavy-duty user, then this could be your main way of connecting to the Internet from home as well. Smartphone can connect directly to your PC and act as a stable Internet connection. If this doesn’t sound like the right option for you, many phone operators provide a similar Internet service using their cell phone networks, using a USB device for easy, low cost access.

While Internet access through a mobile network may be easy, it does have its drawbacks. Unless you are on a 4G network (which generally is more expensive at present) the speed will never be match that of a broadband connection. Also, performance is wholly dependent on the stability of the signal that you receive so there will be times when you may not be able to connect to the Internet at all.

The final downside with mobile Internet is the potential cost risks. While it is fine for day-to-day usage, if you plan on streaming media, playing games or downloading content, then you have to bear in mind that you only have a set data allowance. Once you go above this, you are charged for all the data you use, and these costs can be extremely expensive.

So How Do You Choose

There’s no right or wrong Internet provider – it’s just a case of finding the right one to meet your particular needs and searching for the right one can be difficult if you’re not prepared in advance. It’s hard enough choosing from the hundreds of providers there are across the USA. Even on a local level, there are a large number of Kentucky Internet providers who could meet your needs for all types of Internet packages, and with most companies needing a long-term commitment; it’s a decision that you need to get right first time.

If you can determine how much you are likely to use the Internet and where you want to use it then finding the right service will be a lot easier. Remember, if you’re a light mobile user, then any Smartphone could do the job with your existing phone deal and that can be used to compliment your home Internet service.

Darren Newberg has been working in the internet field for 10 years. He shares his knowledge and tips by blogging for a variety of websites.