Breaking Down a Broken Sewer Line


If you haven’t personally witnessed or experienced someone tearing up your yard for pipework, then consider yourself lucky. Sewer line damage is serious trouble and fixing the line, in the past, involved digging up large amounts of your yard. In addition to being unsightly, it was expensive to fix. Thankfully, technology has advanced and there are now more options to pipe repair than even 20 years ago.

Breaking Down a Broken Sewer Line

Trenchless Pipe Repair

If the damage to your sewer line isn’t too severe, then a technique known as trenchless pipe repair may be a good option for you. Unfortunately, there are still a few restrictions to this method. If the sewer line has collapsed, is full of thick, dense roots, or if the pipe runs underneath a building, then a trenchless repair won’t work for you.

What to Watch For

You may be wondering how you know if you have a broken sewer line without waiting for catastrophe. There are a few symptoms you can look out for before you’re calling in emergency services. Look for cracks in your foundation, as well as evidence of settling. You’ll often have a mold problem accompanied by rodent and insect problems. You’ll notice your drains are slow and you may pick up the scent of raw sewage.

Identify The Problem

If you suspect there is a sewer line breakage, find a company to come out and check on it. Look for a company that uses a high-quality camera so that you can get the best picture of what is going on in your pipe. Once the tech has identified the problem, or problems, then you can decide on an appropriate pipe repair.

Traditional pipe repair frequently involves digging up a large portion of your yard, sidewalk, or driveway. If the damage isn’t too serious, you can choose a trenchless repair. It would still involve digging pits in your yard so that the technicians can either pull a new lining in place or spray in a lining that is then cured. This technique is much less invasive than traditional repair.