Can I File a Lawsuit If I’m Victim to a Broken Ankle?


Can I File a Lawsuit If I’m Victim to a Broken Ankle

A broken ankle can be a severe injury. It’s because it doesn’t just affect one ankle, but the ankle and foot as well. If you break your ankle, you may sue the party responsible for your broken ankle and seek compensation for medical bills and pain and suffering. Lawyers from a reputable law firms such as Moseley Collins will evaluate your case and determine if you have a valid claim.
When you suffer from an ankle break, in most severe cases, it might result in surgery to repair the broken ligaments and bones. You can also develop arthritis and osteoarthritis which means that your life might never be the same forever. This is why it is important to have the parties involved meet the responsibility legally.
If you have experienced an ankle fracture due to the negligence of another, you may have a case to file a lawsuit against the responsible party. The following information provides important tips to keep in mind after your injury.

Seek Immediate Medical Attention
If you have suffered an ankle fracture, seek medical attention immediately so that your ankle can be x-rayed to determine the extent of the damage. The medical report will also be of importance when filing a lawsuit as it ascertains that you indeed had the said injuries. It’s therefore vital that the doctor provides you with a copy of the medical report. Suppose you have this type of injury that requires surgery and results in arthritis. In that case, this could also be a solid basis for suing the party responsible for your ankle injury.

Demands for the Original Settlement
If you have suffered ankle injuries that resulted from someone else’s actions, then get in touch with a Phoenix personal injury attorney or similar attorney near you to get your case evaluated. If you choose to demand fair compensation, the first step is writing a demand letter. It’s crucial to remember that it should show “for Settlement Only.” Otherwise, an insurance company may use this low number against them later for settlement value reduction purposes if they handle things themselves. You can have an attorney review your Demand Letter before submitting it or rather have them help you in creating one.

The Timeline and Process of Settlement
The timeline and process for settlement can take a while, but it is worth waiting. To begin with, your consult attorney will sign the paperwork after confirming that the agreed-on terms and conditions have been adhered to. After signing all necessary documents. it will possibly take at least three weeks before the insurance company processes the documents. Your attorney also checks on the process to ensure there won’t be any delays.

Once it clears, they will transfer the payments into an exceptional lawyers’ trust account. Your attorney will have access to the funds once they are available. Following that, they will clear your outstanding bills – including the medical treatment you received. The state may also take out a share in taxes, or if you owe child support. The attorney also takes their legal fee before sending you the remaining balance – which more than often is always a decent amount. It’s however of importance to note that failure to file within the deadline may result in your case being lost.

Get In Touch With a Lawyer
Getting in touch with the right personal injury from a reputable law firm should be the first step towards claiming your settlement. This will also ensure that the amount you settle for is the right amount and that you won’t be swindled off. Get in touch with a personal injury attorney today.