Compress PDF Files – Online & Free PDF Compressor


Compress PDF Files - Online & Free PDF Compressor

PDF is a universally compatible format, but we would like you to know that there are some small issues that you can face while handling pdf files. One of the most common errors you can face is uploading files due to their large size. 

PDFs can become exceptionally large, especially if they have image-rich content on them. If you have to upload an image in pdf format or any document on a website, you have to compress and reduce its size. We want you to know that many online pdf compressor tools can serve this purpose, but not all are reliable. 

In this brief context, we will tell you all about the best online pdf compressor tools available on the internet.  

Best online PDF compress tools of 2020

There are many pdf compressor tools on the internet, but not all of them are reliable. When we say they are not reliable, we don’t mean that they cannot reduce the file’s size, but we mean that some of these tools can seriously damage the pdf file’s quality. The tools that we have discussed in this write-up are very much reliable in this regard. 

Compress PDF with DupliChecker

You can easily reduce pdf file size with the pdf compressor offered by DupliChecker which is one of the most premium utilities found on the internet. This pdf minimizer has gathered a lot of fame, and this is because of the many desirable features that it has. Before telling you about this pdf compress tool’s features, we would like you guys to know about its working. You have to open to reduce pdf size on any of your browser on any device. In the pdf file reducer, you would see uploading options, and you have to use them to grab the large files from your storage areas. After uploading the files, you have to click on the option that says ‘compress pdf.’ 

  • This compressed pdf tool is free, and there should be no doubt about it.
  • The tool has a neat & clean interface that can be understood by all sorts of users.
  • This compressor tool can reduce the large pdf files to a smaller version in less than five to ten seconds.
  • You can make unlimited compressions in a day with this online tool.
  • This online pdf compressor tool is compatible with all devices!

Compress PDF tool by Adobe

Adobe is the same platform that came up with the pdf format, and so it is quite obvious that you would find different solutions regarding pdf files with Adobe. One should know that Adobe’s pdf compressor tool is a popular tool available on the internet, just because of its reliable results. This online tool can easily work on all sorts of devices and operating systems via the website or by applications. We want you to know that this tool is extremely easy to use, and you can compress pdf files in less than two seconds without breaking a sweat. 

You have to open the pdf file on your system with Adobe and move to the tool’s dashboard. In the editing board, you will see the option to compress a pdf file and start the compression process. You can get a new pdf file in a short amount of time. You can also upload a new pdf file to the tool by directly opening it on your system. 


The PDF2Go tool is one of the best online tools that can help you in pdf compression. This online pdf compressor tool is best for many things, including editing files, converting files, and compiling files. The pdf2go online tool has the best interface that you can find on any of the online tools. The tool’s outlook is very much attractive, and this is how it can attract users to its interface quite easily. This online pdf compressor tool has different compression options. If you want to compress a pdf file without compromising its quality, you can easily use the basic compression option. If you use the strong compression option, it would slightly affect the pdf file’s quality. 

  • This compressed pdf tool can be used for free.
  • You can easily upload files in the tool with the drag and drop options.
  • You can compress pdf files quite efficiently with this tool.
  • This compressed pdf tool can easily cater to shoddy format files. 
  • You can edit pdf files for free with this tool.
  • One can easily use pdf2go tools to merge files, split them, and lock or unlock them.

All three of these online pdf compressor tools are best for reducing your files to a smaller size. All other online or offline tools can seriously damage your files’ quality, so you should not try using them.