The Different Ways Digital Marketing is Used to Help an HVAC Business


The Different Ways Digital Marketing is Used to Help an HVAC Business

As an HVAC business specializing in the repair and installation of units, you must gear your online marketing to the specific nature of your business. The fact that the majority of your target customers are likely to be within a local radius of your premises. This means that you can potentially end up lost on a globally-connected internet network. The answer is to employ digital marketing tactics that are tailored to your business’s needs. HVAC Marketing should become your ally in competing online with those offering similar services.


Digital marketing goes hand in hand with an online presence. As we market ourselves as bricks-and-mortar premises by visually having the best possible signage, on the internet we need to do all we can to make ourselves highly visible, too. It is those businesses that are getting noticed online that are increasing their profitability and growth to new levels. The opportunities online are immense and there to be exploited. That is either locally or globally. For an HVAC business, we suspect that you will prefer to service customers that are closer to where you operate from. You can then serve their needs more competitively when it comes to call-out charges. It will also be about the number of customers that you can serve in a day because of the number of vans you have in your fleet and the number of staff you have working for you. So, we need to consider your specific needs in terms of your promotion. SEO (Search Engine Optimization) will help with this by targeting relevant traffic to your website, and by increasing your position within search lists that your local customers will come across you in when looking to find a reliable and conveniently located HVAC company to use. SEO has the advantage over PPC (Pay Per Click) in that you are not charged for each advert clicked on.

Content Writing

It is necessary to write engaging content when attracting customers to a particular service on a website. However, if you don’t have the required experience, consider using a content writing service like to create captivating HVAC content. To be engaging, content needs to be written in first-person and written positively. Customers need to imagine themselves using a service that will benefit them in the short and long term. A service needs to feel that it offers value for money for a potential customer to want to use it. In the case of an HVAC customer, that their regular service will save on them having to entirely replace their HVAC unit in the short term. Attracting customers can also come down to price, back-up service, or how local you are as a business. Using a local business generally proves to be cheaper and more convenient. It is SEO, as mentioned above, that will target your local audience and bring them to your website. If a customer cannot find you in the first place, then nothing else you do will be of any benefit.

Video Marketing

A good way to engage customers with your website is to include a video. This can not only show what an efficiently working HVAC system looks like but visually explain all that is involved in servicing it. This will show a customer exactly what they are paying for. As a picture can be used instead of a thousand words, a video can be used instead of more words still. Interactive videos can allow users to control what they see of the action and engage them more in the viewing process. To operate successfully online, we have to find an alternative to promoting ourselves face-to-face in person or through just signage on a building.

In summary, if you are an HVAC business, think about how SEO can increase your position on a search list when a local customer is looking for your kind of service. Also, consider the content of your website and how this fits in with an online situation, and for more engagement use a video that explains just what services you do offer. Explain all that an HVAC does in terms of benefitting its customers and how important it is that this is regularly serviced from a comfort and health point of view. Not only that, how doing this can reduce a customer’s energy bills, save the planet, and avoid more costly bills that could have been avoided when their whole HVAC unit needs to be replaced. Although, when it does, you will be there to help with that too.