Do You Know How to Find the Right Recruiter in Ottawa ?


What do you understand by the term recruiter? A recruiter connects job seekers with openings at a firm.

A recruiter can work in various places, independently, at a staffing agency or a company’s Human Resources department. Recruiters have a significant connection of skilled and qualified job seekers who can fill up openings in their specific positions.

People turn to recruiters when they want to link with a broader network of professionals. You can also depend on a recruiter to help you get your dream job if you are tired of doing your search.

There is a need to discuss the steps one can follow to find the right recruiter.  You can also checkout headhunters Las Vegas to get more information.

  1. Browse job boards

Many companies often use recruiters to find suitable candidates for their openings. Only a few companies use their hiring managers. When you search through job boards in your industry, note, who is issuing out the job listings and receiving emails on behalf of the company.

Recruiters often go by the following names: headhunter, staffing agent, senior recruiter, and employment agent, to mention a few. Once you see job listings with such titles, know it is a recruiter. You can then find a way of communicating with the said headhunter, who will, in turn, help you find and secure a job.

  1. Connect with staffing agencies

Another way of finding a recruiter is through staffing agencies. Approach a staffing agency that will connect you with one of their best staffing agents to help you find your dream job.

Even though most staffing agencies exclusively deal with a specific industry, some are diverse and work with job seekers from all job markets.

You must be straightforward when discussing your job search with a staffing agency. It will help them understand what you want when they are looking for positions.

It also helps the agency give you a recruiter who specifically deals with your field of interest. Read more here

  1. Recommendations and referrals

Another way is using your network to find a recruiter. It is not a surprise that most of your friends and previous colleagues landed their jobs with the help of a recruiter. Inquire from them and let them recommend a recruiter to you. Direct recommendations and referrals make your applications more visible.

Using a headhunter referred to you by a friend is more accessible as they will ensure you get quality service as your friend. Finding a recruiter from your contacts prioritizes job search in your field. Ask for help from friends in finding a staffing agent.

  1. Reach out to top companies

Directly reaching out to top companies you wish to work with is a bold step that only a few can make. Even though it may not guarantee immediate employment, you may have the advantage of talking to a Human Resources representative.

Upon reaching out to a company that says that they have awarded the job search to a specific staffing agency, be brave enough to ask for the agency’s name. After that, reach out to the agency hiring on behalf of the particular company. Most firms consistently use the same hiring agency. Knowing the agency’s name allows you to communicate with them and find yourself a recruiter.

If a firm does not have openings when you reach out to them, they may be kind enough to enter you into their database for possible candidates. Should openings arise, you will be called for interviews. Click here to read more information.


There are so many ways of finding a recruiter. One can also post their resume on their job boards to attract recruiters. The same way you go through job boards when finding a recruiter is how they go through boards to find skilled candidates for work positions. Ensure that your job history and contact information are constantly updated to show your availability and interest in new posts.

Recruiters also have professional associations and social media pages that you can use to find out if they are looking for candidates. Ensure that whoever you settle on as a search professional is qualified and experienced and has a broad network of professionals. The steps discussed above should help you find a recruiter as soon as possible.