Tips for Making Sure That You Get the Right Kind of Bail Bond


You are probably rightly frightened if you have a friend or loved one in jail. Fortunately, you can look at a reliable bail bond company for help if your loved one needs to get out of jail to wait for a trial. Bail agents can pay the funds and have your precious family member or friend released. The bail bond office might ask you to provide collateral to ensure that it gets its money back. These are four things you can offer the bail bond agent as collateral:

The Deed to Your Home

A home deed is one of the most stable and widely offered collateral elements for bail bonds. The company helping you can feel confident that they will get their funds back even if something goes wrong with the case. They will be more willing to offer high-end bail to someone you love if you have a home to provide them with. 

The Title to Your Car

You can also use the title to your car as collateral if you own the vehicle outright. You cannot use vehicles that have existing liens on them from banks. Your car must be valuable enough to cover the amount of the bail bond as well. The bail bond company may ask you to offer something else if your vehicle’s value doesn’t match up. They may ask you to offer something of much more value or to offer a second item for them to use. You must be willing to do that if you want to have your friend released from jail. 


You can also offer the company jewelry to secure the bail bonds Berks County PA -basedfunds. The jewelry you use cannot be fake or inexpensive. It must be something that will cover the bond. 

Stocks and Bonds

Stocks and bonds are not commonly used in bail bond circumstances. However, that doesn’t mean that people can’t use them. It depends on your situation, and the list of items the participating bail bond company is willing to accept. They might just accept your stocks and bonds if they feel as though they are worth holding onto. It will be a win for you if they accept them.  

Be prepared when you visit the bail bond company and request their assistance. Make sure you take at least 10 percent of the bail amount and at least one of the items mentioned above. You can get through the process swiftly if you’re prepared.