Five Benefits Of A Background Check


One of the primary things that are expected as part of the hiring process is a background check for all employees. Although it’s an expense for companies, there are potential risks involved if they forgo the process. It’s assumed that all organizations want to hire the best candidates for any position. Here are five benefits of a criminal background check that are beneficial for all parties. Conducting them effectively can improve the bottom line of any business.

1. Verification Of Education And Experience

According to the Labor of Bureau Statistics, the average person will hold about 12 jobs over the course of their lifetime. A background check can verify the experience that someone is showing on their resume. Of equal importance, it allows the employer to determine the possibility of the candidate having the proper qualifications necessary to be a successful employee. Looking into their previous experience and making contact with their listed references can allow you to ask them a variety of reference check questions, which you can then circle back to with your candidate in a follow up interview. This can help you to determine their transparency and level of suitability for a role.

2. Improve Workplace Culture

Getting to know the employees on a more personal level before they start employment can lead to a more positive culture in the workplace. Knowing any possibility of previous terminations or legal actions can help the employer hire the right person. As a result, the work environment will foster a group of working professionals who can relate to each other and support the common good of the company.

3. More Quality Candidates To Choose From

The hiring pool can immediately be filled with more quality candidates. Those who might not have the experience needed or have gaps in employment history could be less likely to apply. The process allows the company to become more selective in the hiring process, which ultimately leads to an environment that has long-term success. Employees who have been thoroughly screened are more likely to have turnover in the position because they understand the initial expectations set forth by supervisors.

4. Positive Branding For The Company

Hiring trusted employees who support the company’s mission goes a long way to promote a positive image for the company. Getting relaxed on the screening process can lead to errors that might negatively represent the organization as a whole. The long-term success of a business is fostered by the workers who support are productive and happy. More importantly, studies have been shown that happy employees are more productive in the workplace, which ultimately drives business and sales to a higher level.

5. Stay In Compliance

There are usually laws set forth by state or local governments about the specifics of background checks as part of the hiring process. As one example, teachers or individuals who work with children(or in a daycare center) are expected to complete thorough screening. Parents would expect that any employee working with their children be safe and responsible. Also, over time, changes in the screening process do happen, so veteran employees may need to meet the new standards.

The Bottom Line About Verifying Potential Employees

Having trust in the hiring process helps the company and the people they are planning to hire.

  • Ensures what’s on paper (resume) matches the person at the interview
  • Encourage a welcoming environment that strives to work at an optimal level
  • Improves a broader selection of highly skilled employees, with a lower percentage of turnover rate
  • Helps the company maintain a positive image, which improves bottom line, sales, and better recruitment
  • Staying in compliance with state and local laws

Employers who are thorough are more likely to have individuals wanting to do their very best. Investing in the process before anyone ever steps into the office does take a little work. However, the long-term benefits far outweigh the grunt work required to hire a well-qualified person.