From Retail Market to Insurance Plans, Woolworths Continues to Expand


Woolworths is a renowned retail giant of Australia with 1000 superstores across the country. The majority of its products include groceries, food, packed goods and daily household items. However, in July, 2016 news spread that the Woolies (As it is commonly called by Australians) are aiming to test new grounds.

From Retail Market to Insurance Plans, Woolworths Continues to Expand

As it turned out, the retail king of Australia wanted to step into the daring and risky market of telecommunications. Soon after, the company’s recruitment advertisement confirmed the news with “now in the process of substantially growing [its] telecommunications presence in the Australian market.”

Despite having big plans, Woolworths did the smart thing by starting as a mobile virtual network operator of Telstra, the largest and leading giant of the telecommunication market in Australia. Woolworths soon became a wholesale provider of Telstra’s 3G and 4G mobile network. The retail giant also made a contract with Telstra’s for the company’s pre-paid and post paid solutions. This allowed Woolworth to step into the telecommunication market with a set of offerings such as, branded wireless broadband and post-paid offers, as well as real-time account management and live notification for customers. Moreover, the retail giant also opened post-sale support to help out customers and live up to its reputation of providing top-notch customer service.

In addition, the superstore is planning to expand further by eventually introducing its fixed-line home broadband. For many years Woolworths has been serving as the retail king in Australia through a number of companies under its name, but now it is releasing more and more statements about expanding into other areas and offering more than just retail services.

Today, Woolworth is serving as a saviour for Australians by providing them a more feasible option. When we compare Woolworths mobile plans with others, we find it to be one of the cheapest ones, without any compromise on service. Everyone wants to have the mobile coverage that Telstra offers, but it is nearly impossible to attain for people with limited financial standing.

However people who sign up for Woolworths mobile not only get access to the most in-demand 4G network of Telstra’s along with mobile phones, but they get all this at very affordable rates. Mobile phones too range from cheap models to the latest first-grade ones. Moreover, Woolworths won over the hearts of its customer’s with the zero bill shock offer, which ensures that all the horrid excess charges remain, well, zero.

Woolworths also makes its customers happy with frequent promotions, schemes and bonus rewards. Slowly yet steadily, Woolworths is on its way to becoming a full-service virtual network operator. Its officials recently passed the statement saying “Being part of Australia’s biggest retail group, Woolworths Limited, we have expanded beyond our traditional food, liquor and general merchandise to embrace lines such as home improvement and financial services.”

The company also released the news that it will further enhance its customer service and loyalty program, and in the near future, will also be offering contents service.