How You Can Improve Your Business in the Eyes of Your Customers


How You Can Improve Your Business in the Eyes of Your Customers

As a business, you’re likely always on the lookout for ways to improve your operations and generally streamline your functions to eventually become the most optimized version of your company. How you go about this will vary from business to business, but customer service is an aspect that remains fairly consistent across the board.

Your customers are an integral part of your business due to their nature as the source of your success, and knowing how to improve your business from their perspective isn’t always easy, as it might not align with how you would think to do so in other areas. While this might seem counterintuitive, taking a step back to make your business more customer-friendly can improve your image in the eyes of the consumer.

Modernise Your Services

In the modern-day, with technology allowing for as many conveniences as it does, customers often expect a certain degree of interactivity and level of communication. Depending on the kind of service that you provide, this is going to be more applicable sometimes than others, but it’s important to look at what you can do to bring your business up to speed, given that your competitors will likely be doing the same. In such a competitive market, if your customers feel as though they can get more out of going to another company, you might find that it takes quite a lot to convince them to come back to you afterward. You don’t want to be stuck playing catch-up.

There are many ways to do this, again depending on the kind of services you provide normally. For example, suppose the market that you operate within relates to hospitality or food. In that case, you could perhaps allow your customers to order online and have their food prepared before they make their way to your establishment. This can help create a more convenient service for them and encourage them to visit your business more regularly. Alternatively, if you find that delivery plays a large or instrumental role in the services that you provide, this is your opportunity to keep your customers informed by giving them a way to stay updated on how their delivery is progressing. This can help them to work this around their lives, and having access to real-time visibility means that having orders delivered can be something easy that they might be inclined to do more regularly. It’s also important to consider the after-purchase concerns as your customers might have concerns regarding the orders they had or simply have feedback for improvements. Make sure to always be available to cater their needs by outsourcing agents from call centres in the Philippines

Embracing Customer Feedback

When you’re looking at ways to improve your business, sometimes it’s best to get your information right from those targeted by your services. This might not apply to every aspect of your company, as customers aren’t always going to know what the best course of action is for what goes on behind the scenes, and those kinds of business decisions frankly don’t affect them as directly. However, when it comes to how your services are provided and ways that it could be better for those on the receiving end, your customers will often be able to provide useful information on how exactly you could improve them. While not each piece of advice is going to be applicable to your business, casting a wide enough net so that you get as many opinions as possible can give you a clearer idea of how your services are perceived and which areas are most regularly picked up as needing an overhaul.

The next question you might have is, how exactly should you go about gathering this information? Well, you have any number of means at your disposal, and luckily, you’re not restricted to simply relying on one. If you already have social media pages that you use for things such as marketing, you can use these pages as an opportunity to rely on the open forum setting of such platforms in order to get some varied opinions. Another possible digital route for you is sending out emails to people who provide their email addresses to collect feedback that way. 

Alternatively, you could offer to open communications privately through messaging services that are provided by social media platforms. Another option that you have that is entirely separate from such online methods is that of specific feedback forms that can be collected from your place of business and then returned anonymously in some sort of collection box that you can then review later. You just have to decide what’s best for your business model and what would be most practical for you to send out, collect, review and implement. Giving your customers a way to provide this feedback anonymously might encourage them to do it while also ensuring that they may deliver more honest feedback, as they won’t think you’ll be able to identify who it came from when they go back in. 

Accessibility to Your Business

It’s not always easy to have a huge amount of control over where your business ends up landing and finding a home for itself. The real estate market can be difficult to overcome sometimes, and often it’s simply about making the best of your situation. That being said, regardless of where you end up, you must do as much as you can to ensure that your business is one that your customers can access whenever they need to. This applies to physically being able to enter your property and might mean making certain amenities for those with physical disabilities, but it also means simply telegraphing your property well enough that people can simply navigate their way towards it simply.

It’s worth bearing in mind how many people will actually need to enter your business, to begin with. Obviously, your employees will, but in regards to your customers, if the service that you provide is less of a physical one, they might be more concerned with finding you online than on the street. Even if this is the case, it might be worth using your online presence to draw attention to the whereabouts of your premises.