Is Mileage Correction Illegal?


Is Mileage Correction Illegal?

We all know that mileage correction is controversial, yet we still have to ask whether it’s illegal or not. I’ll be honest – it’s a complicated subject and finding a direct answer isn’t an easy task. However, the fact that it’s complex doesn’t mean that we should forget about all the legal issues and change our odometer readings whenever we want. Though it’s tempting to purchase an odometer correction tool, it wouldn’t be the wisest decision. You should also remember that not all tools are created equal. The odometer blocker from, for instance, has ethical applications. Today we’ll talk about all the controversies surrounding odometer correction tools and attempt to find better alternatives.

The controversies associated with the best odometer correction tool

Unlike the odometer blocker from, the mileage correction tool is quite controversial. It’s the main player when it comes to odometer fraud. However, we shouldn’t forget that programming mileage itself is illegal no matter which tool you utilize.

According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), odometer fraud is any action that is aimed at changing the numbers displayed on the odometer. You could reverse 10,000 miles or remove a single digit from the trip meter – either way, it’s considered to be a fraud.

If the vehicle’s mileage is altered in any way, it should be displayed on the sticker for the customer to see. In other words, the buyer should have full information about the mileage of the vehicle before making a purchase. Otherwise, you might face a serious fine or even jail time.

Therefore, even the best odometer correction tool is controversial as it changes the mileage of the car.

The odometer blocker, on the other hand, is way more ethical as it’s only meant for testing purposes.

Are there any other uses for the best odometer correction tool?

Mileage correction tools don’t really have other uses than reducing numbers on the trip meter. People usually employ such equipment to sell their vehicles more profitably. On the contrary, the mileage stopper from is a device that is meant for testing purposes. It’s a machine that stops recording the distance you travel, yet it should only be used in a controlled environment.

What’s the solution?

Is Mileage Correction Illegal?

The solution is, of course, purchasing the kilometer stopper from It’s a safe, high-quality programmer that will help you check the functionalities of your car. It’s tailored to the model and make of your vehicle, eliminating any risks of incompatibility.

The mileage blocker offers untraceable performance – you can’t discover its effects even with a special scanner.

Due to such impeccable features, some people activate this tool on public roads to prevent their cars from recording mileage. Always remember to use this device for testing purposes only.


We can’t deny the fact that mileage correction is illegal according to Federal laws. It’s prohibited to sell cars with odometer discrepancy. You can use the odometer correction tools to change the reading, yet you’re obliged to display that information to the customer.

Considering all the trouble you have to go through, I think that odometer correction isn’t worth it.

But if you want to try out something new and fun, you can always purchase the mileage programmer and test the performance of your vehicle with its help.