Mobile Proxies: Why Should Businesses Use Them ?


The increasing number of competitors and the volatility of the markets are two factors that drive businesses to implement new technologies. The latest tech innovations have become a go-to resource for many businesses who want to retain the market size, stay above the fold, and generate projected revenue. 

Mobile proxies are at the top of the list when it comes to useful digital tools. If you are interested in learning what a proxy is and how a mobile proxy can help your business, you’ve stumbled upon the right kind of article for you. Below you’ll find everything on this type of proxy, what makes them different, and the benefits they bring to businesses.

What are proxies in general?

As a business owner, you’ve probably heard about proxies before. It’s a term that refers to computers, servers, or mobile devices that act as a gateway between you and the internet. A regular internet connection enables you to access online content directly. This way, the remote servers know your identity. They can see your authentic IP address.

Proxies serve as intermediaries. All your online requests go through them. Meanwhile, they assign you a new IP address. You appear as an ordinary online user. However, your real IP address remains hidden, and your online identity is protected. 

How are mobile proxies different?

Mobile proxies are based on wireless technology and mobile data. They can be any portable device that uses mobile data to access the world wide web, even a smartphone or tablet. Proxies are extremely fast, especially if you choose to use them in 4G and 5G networks.

Being mobile is not the only thing that makes them different. Unlike other proxies, which are usually idle remote servers, mobile proxies can be devices used by real people. Accessing the internet via these devices renders you as authentic as any other regular user. 

Mobile proxies have access to clean IP addresses. Some search engines flag certain IP addresses as suspicious, but that can’t happen with mobile proxies. You can rest assured that you will be able to use the IP address for business purposes without risking your reputation.

What benefits do they bring?

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More and more businesses use mobile data to streamline some of their processes. Smartphones in the business package are distributed to all employees in key positions. The internet connection on these devices has to be reliable. 

However, after resetting a smartphone or turning off/on mobile data, the datacenter assigns a new IP address to a business user. What if a minute ago that IP address was used by someone who did something suspicious online? What if you get an IP that’s flagged as suspicious, or even worse, one that’s blocked by some websites?

Mobile proxy ensures that you get an authentic and clean IP address. It translates into a smooth online experience, no blocks, and no boring and repetitive CAPTCHAs. 

They can also improve the performance of the devices your employees are using. When accessing websites, the devices download cookies. Over time, these cookies can amount to quite some data slowing the device. 

When accessing the internet via a mobile proxy, the cookies are left with the proxy. Your devices will be cookie-free. They will work faster, and more importantly, nobody can track your online behavior. 

While online cybercriminals can track you and target your systems – that’s only possible when they know your authentic IP address. Thanks to proxies, your true identity remains hidden behind the IP assigned to you. 

Some businesses run extensive data scraping operations. They use the data to fine-tune their pricing policies, research competition, discover customer sentiment, and do background checks on potential partners. Websites can easily spot scraper bots and ban the IP they originate from. Mobile proxies can bring flexibility to your scraping operation.

Why do businesses view them as a resource?

For a business, a resource is something that can be utilized in one way or another to accomplish certain business goals. With rising cyber concerns, many companies share the same goal: improving online security and protecting sensitive data. Mobile proxies are an excellent resource to help businesses achieve it.

Furthermore, another common goal is to maintain a good reputation. Mobile proxies enable this by assigning business users with a new and clean IP address. It is yet another thing that makes them a valuable resource. Finally, they are an essential resource in data scraping operations via mobile data.


Mobile proxies are the latest addition to the vast proxy family. Since more and more businesses deploy mobile devices and mobile data, proxies can help them overcome some new challenges. They can help businesses address online security risks, prevent cyberattacks, and run ongoing scraping operations without being detected.