Do IT Programming Solutions LP Undergoes Full Rebranding to Reflect New Company Mission


Following the new company mission and willing to be as close to the clients as possible, Do IT Programming Solutions LP, one of the Cyprus’s innovative software development companies, launched full rebranding procedure.

CEO of Do IT Programming Solutions, Oleksiy Nagatkin, expressed his, and actually the Company’s, approach to this: “Eventually, we have been in software development for like 9 years, even before the official establishment of Do IT. We saw many companies popping up and vanishing, as they had no clear strategy and mission, they tried to show up in all possible areas attempting to catch a big fish.

As usually, that didn’t work. Unlike many softdev companies, we don’t do everything. We are passionate about our reputation and about quality of our products, so we performed a very detailed investigation and picked up those areas we have top notch talents, skills and expertise for. That worked extremely well: we really had several truly big catches, gained respect and trust of our clients, and kept on growing regardless of all market disturbances. But all these goodies require changes, to be able to ensure sustainable growth through making our company’s brand more visible to the society and letting the society learn about out mission.”


Hence, Do IT Programming Solutions LP is going to change its name to Do IT Global Innovative Solutions (or, shortly, DIGIS). The new name must reflect the company’s commitment to bring innovations to everyday life of the business and it also speaks about the company’s plans to conquer new markets globally. The change will become effective as of December 1, 2019 in order to let the company, its employees, and clients the whole pre-New Year month to get used to the new name.

Along with the name, the company is changing its logo, the new edition of which is more clear in depicting what the company has on its mission agenda.

Thomas Krzynowek, who is Chief Visionary Officer at Do IT, takes care of all mission-related actions the company takes.

Mr. Krzynowek stated that “Our mission is to always remain a company our Clients do recommend to deal with and our Employees are proud to work at. We pursue this goal not only through delivering the superb quality software products and displaying the proper care and respect to our people, but also through our never-ending commitment to innovations. We stick to the path of improvement and development. In this light, new name and logo of the company, being a result of scrupulous analysis and large amount of brainwork, are targeted to fuse all our goals and aspirations into something that is clean and can be easily understood by the whole society. We hope the “new we” will be liked by our clients.

Since its establishment in 2015, Do IT Programming Solutions has been providing custom software development services to a variety of international clients, with particular focus on financial technologies, travel & hospitality business, healthcare and life sciences industry, retail sector, media and entertainment field, and human resources domain. During the recent year the company has also established a branch to provide Augment Staffing services for those in need for skilled, talented, and experienced software developers.

More details about the services offered by Do IT Programming Solutions and about the company itself can be found by all interested parties at the company website:

Contact info:

Name:   Vladislav Filin

Position: Chief Sales Officer

Organization: Do IT Programming Solutions LP

Address: Office 403, 22, Arch. Makariou III Avenue, Makaria Center, Larnaca, 6016, Cyprus

Phone: +357 (2) 403 03 31

Email: [email protected]