Reasons Why Boat Docks Are Essential for Waterfront Properties


Having a private dock can greatly enhance the experience of owning a home located by water. It eliminates the need to travel to a public marina to enter and exit the boat and pay fees for use. A dock can also add value to your home upon resale. Whether you have Bob Vila-worthy skills, time, and amenable shoreline and water depth, a do-it-yourself kit may be an option.


A private dock is an excellent investment if you live on the waterfront. It can eliminate the need for monthly slip fees, add value to your home, and help prevent boat damage or theft by keeping it close to home. You can also personalize your dock to fit your boating needs, like fishing or relaxing and enjoying the sunset. You can even build seating directly into the dock design, eliminating the need for additional furniture. This trend is becoming popular because it reduces cost and maintenance while being functional. Having a private dock is also more convenient than driving your boat to the public marina and dealing with the crowds there. A private pier lets you walk outside your house and into your vessel whenever possible. This can be a relief during busy boating months when public marinas become overcrowded. This convenience may even encourage more frequent excursions with friends and family, improving the overall quality of your waterfront experience.


When you own your boat dock, you can rest easy knowing that your watercraft is safe and sound. Unlike at a public marina, where you’re at the mercy of other boaters and their activities (including noise, music, and loud chatter), your dock can be monitored by your security system or a professional firm. You’ll also find it much easier to perform routine maintenance on your boat without transporting it to a special facility. Whether cleaning the hull or checking out the motor, doing it in the comfort of your boat dock is a breeze. Private boat docks also eliminate the need for recurring fees at public marinas, which can add up over time. Depending on the type of dock you choose, this can save you significant sums of money in the long run.


Whether you love to entertain family and friends or want to watch the sun rise and set, having your dock makes it much easier and more enjoyable to enjoy your waterfront property. You can also avoid the crowded marinas often found at popular vacation and holiday times. If you choose to build a floating dock, you must understand how lake depths can change over time. Many lakes are drawn down and refilled periodically. If this is the case, your new dock will need to be able to adjust in and out with the changing lake level. Building or purchasing a boat dock is a big investment. However, it is a great way to add value to your custom home and enhance your lifestyle. Contact dock services today to learn how they can help you achieve your boat dock goals. 


Depending on the market and location of your home, adding a boat dock can add thousands of dollars to your home’s resale value. This custom addition to your property is incredibly appealing to buyers and can make them willing to pay more than you might think for your waterfront home. Entering and leaving the water as often as possible with a private dock is easy without taking your boat to a public marina or commercial dock. This reduces wear and tear on your vehicle and reduces gas usage. With a private dock, you can also control who can use it because it’s on your personal property. This helps reduce theft and vandalism of your watercraft. Additionally, the dock helps prevent water damage by avoiding constant contact with the bottom of your boat. This could increase the lifespan of your watercraft, making it an investment in the long run.