SaaS Content Strategy – Everything You Need to Know


SaaS content strategy is an approach that ultimately needs a professional marketer to yield the best results. Unfortunately, there is one common mistake that even professional marketers make: focusing on the top of the funnel strategy that involves content conversion such as white paper downloads, e-book downloads, and email signups, among others. This is slightly different from product conversion content such as demo requests and trial information.

Both strategies are regularly used by in-house marketers, and if you want a different and effective SaaS content strategy, you should engage professionals in SaaS marketing. This article shares more insights on this.

SaaS Content Strategy – The New Way

While the old model focus on the top of the funnel going down to the middle and bottom, the new way is totally opposite. According to experienced SaaS marketers from Rocket SaaS, this is the most effective method and what every SaaS company should seek.

The Bottom of the Funnel

This focus on content is aimed at prospects who already know what they want. The content focuses on trials and demos. It should be clear and easy to use as well as compelling for the prospects to book a demo or trial.

 Some of the strategies used to make a call to action include alternatives to pages, comparison pages, product pages, and user case pages or case studies.

The Middle of the Funnel

After enough focus on the bottom and making a call to action, the SaaS content strategy can now focus on the middle part. The content here focuses on building interactive tools such as templates, canvases, and questionnaires, among others.

Another popular SaaS content strategy applied on this level is market intelligence pieces. This introduces realistic and competitive prices that should be approved by the managers or investors.

Lastly, the strategy has a product tour page that is rich and informative. It is also a proxy for demos, especially if the SaaS company has many products. The pages should ask users more about themselves and what they are looking for to align the results to their needs.

The Top of the Funnel

Lastly, create the top of the funnel content. This SaaS content strategy is aimed at cold prospects or people who do not know what they want. The goal is to introduce them to your products in a clear way.

If you have an active blog, this is the right time to update it with comprehensive guides and “how to” content. Make it authoritative and decisive by listing your opinion as a professional to guide the readers. Many SaaS marketers give this part more attention because it is meant for people who have not made their decisions.

Final Thoughts

As you can see, the new SaaS content strategy is a bit different from the old one. It should first take care of the clients who are aware of what they want. Some of them are repeat clients who need clarifications on the products while others are seeking better alternatives. However, it is also good to focus on the top of the funnel with comprehensive and relevant information to guide potential prospects accordingly. With this, you can rest assured that your SaaS business will scale up very fast.