What You Should Know About Automotive Dealership Loyalty Programs


Whether you are looking to join an automotive dealership loyalty program or are already a member, you should know a few things. Some critical components of these programs include advertising, rewards programs, and technology integration. The best programs will also provide complimentary maintenance, ensuring customers feel they are getting the most out of their purchase.

Complimentary maintenance

Complimentary maintenance is one of the many reasons to enroll in an automotive dealership loyalty programs. Although some programs offer only oil changes, several include more in-depth services. These types of rewards and benefits are important because they can enhance customer retention, improve the lifetime value of a car, and increase overall revenue.

In addition to offering maintenance, some dealerships will also provide discounts, loaner vehicles, and other non-monetary perks. However, these rewards can come at the expense of other dealership services.

On top of complimentary maintenance, some programs offer other benefits, such as roadside assistance. 

Most of these benefits are designed to make customers feel like they’re getting a better deal. It can lead to repeat sales and warranty work. Ultimately, if a dealership cannot offer all the amenities and rewards a customer wants, it could lose its customers.

Rewards Program

Automotive dealership rewards programs are a great way to retain customers and generate repeat purchases. There are many ways to implement an effective loyalty program. But it takes time to figure out which strategy will work best.

A commitment-based loyalty program is an excellent way to create customer relationships and boost performance. It requires members to use company services or activate connected car technology.

Service rewards are a great way to encourage customers to come to your dealership for service. Rewards are offered for specific events, such as a free oil change. Customers receive points for each dollar spent and can only use them at the dealership. This tactic helps boost retention, but it can also cost the dealership.

The SmartTech Rewards Program is an automotive dealership marketing tool that can help you select the most relevant offer at the right time. It allows you to set up rewards points accounts and will enable you to choose a percentage of incentives. You can also increase manufacturer-supported maintenance programs.

Providing stellar customer service is a crucial part of a successful loyalty program. Make sure you take the time to listen to your customers and give them the attention they deserve.

If you’re looking to increase your profits, it’s time to consider an effective automotive dealership rewards program. These programs are designed to keep customers engaged while creating brand ambassadors. They lead to increased sales, higher profits, and excellent customer retention.

The smart way to launch an automotive dealership rewards program is to partner with a provider to help you customize it. 

Another option is to use a coalition-based loyalty program. This way, your customers can earn rewards from several brands at one location. Also, it helps build stronger relationships between your dealership and other forecourts.

Technology integration

If you are an automotive brand, you may be interested in how technology can help your loyalty program stand out from the competition. By applying advanced technologies to your customer loyalty program, you can identify the value of your existing customer base and predict their churn. These tools can also help you develop targeted marketing campaigns, track customer activity, and create a personalized experience for your customers across the entire buying journey.

Today’s consumers are expecting a consistent, omnichannel shopping experience. The way they wish to interact with dealerships will change dramatically. To address this, automakers and dealers need to upgrade their sales and service processes.

The automotive industry is being transformed by advanced communications technology. Using this technology, dealerships can transform into pillars of customer service. With this new technology, customers can access information about a vehicle, schedule repairs, and even buy parts. They can also receive alerts about recall notices and price match guarantees.

Loyalty programs can be a crucial enabler of engagement, and they can provide a personalized experience throughout the purchasing process. Giving customers a 360-degree omnichannel experience is the most incredible way to keep them. Automotive brands can use this to build relationships with their customers and reward them for repeat purchases.

Currently, the industry needs help with the financial sustainability of traditional dealer models. Economic challenges in mature markets are causing networks to consolidate. It is, therefore, critical for OEMs to invest in more advanced technology.

In addition, dealerships should consider strategic partnerships with mobility providers. For example, a mobility provider could offer a loyalty program member a free trial of intelligent vehicle technology. Similarly, a fleet of electric vans and trucks could snowball as owners see the benefits of these vehicles.

As more consumers use their phones to research products and services, dealerships must keep critical information consistent. A constant data stream helps dealerships interact with customers and provide ongoing support. Keeping essential information consistent improves a buyer’s perception of a dealership’s integrity.

Advertising at your dealership

Loyalty programs are an essential part of automotive dealership marketing. They bond with your customers and encourage them to return to your dealership. It’s also an excellent way to gain new customers.

The most effective loyalty program for a dealership offers rewards that are easy to earn. These can include coupons, discounts, and complimentary services. Choose one customized for your brand, target market, and geographic location to maximize the benefits of your reward program.

You can promote your automotive dealership loyalty programs in your showroom, print, and social media. Direct mail campaigns are also an effective way to reach your customers. Use a time-based, personalized email update for end-of-lease renewals, new vehicle launches, or special offers.

You can also provide your customers with a complementary maintenance plan. Adding this to your F&I upsell can increase your customer retention. By offering these options, you can also increase your service sales.

While many dealerships focus on getting new customers, they should consider the importance of building relationships with their current customer base. Increasing your customer retention rates is crucial for your dealership’s success.

Several automakers recognize the benefits of dealership loyalty programs and offer programs to assist you. 

Your dealership’s most effective loyalty program will depend on your geographic location, customer age range, and target market. In addition, consider the best strategies for promoting your loyalty program.