The Benefits of Access Matting


Access mats are also called construction mats, temporary road mats, and equipment mats. They are intended to give you a surface when you do not have one that is functional for your needs. When it comes to construction, the ground is often muddy, wet, rocky, and typically unstable. Access Matting provides stability for heavy equipment, such as trucks and cranes, and gives them a temporary road on which they can travel and work.

The Benefits of Access Matting

These mats are made from a type of hardwood, such as oak or some mix of different types of hardwoods. These materials are durable and can handle extensive pressure and it will not break or flex. The wood is usually treated so that it will not split or rot. Mats can be made from a composite material that is constructed of a high-density polyethylene. These composite mats may be hollow or solid and are able to be locked together with some type of fastener.

There are some additional benefits of access mats that you may not have considered. These mats protect the environment. Heavy equipment is well, heavy, and it can create ruts and leave tire tracks behind as you are working, especially if you are on soft ground. This type of equipment damages the environment pretty quickly. If the machinery is not stable, it could sink which means it has to be pulled out. When you use an equipment mat, it can protect the ground from harm because they can take the weight of the equipment, instead of the ground. The best part is when you are finished working, the ground looks the same as when you started.

The use of access mats can help prevent delays to your project. If your equipment starts to sink, or has sunk, you now have to deal with that problem. Pulling a piece of equipment out of the soft ground can take hours to fix. This can delay your project, especially if it happens repeatedly. Delays have long term impacts on the job you are attempting to finish. If you have significant delays in your project, you may decrease the satisfaction of those for whom you are completing the job. It could impact future jobs for your company. 

Using access mats not only protects the ground from damage, but it also protects your equipment from damage. When you use your equipment on unstable ground, you may cause faster wear on the tires. Your equipment may also tip over causing even more damage to the machine.