The Best Business Tools for Increased Productivity


The Best Business Tools for Increased Productivity

With today’s advances in technology, businesses all over the world have access to some of the most intuitive tools that will increase both productivity and efficiency in the workplace. These tools offer business executives the ability to work remotely, reach customers and brands globally, and expand their business significantly.

With so many various tools available on the market, it can be difficult to decipher which are in fact the most useful to your business. Thus, here are the top business tools that have been known to increase business and employee productivity:

Google Analytics

One of the smartest tools available is Google Analytics, which is a way in which a business can track how well their website is doing—for free. Google Analytics offers comprehensive research tools so that businesses can determine how many views their website has, how visitors reached their website, visitor demographics, etc. For online businesses, or businesses trying to grow their online presence, installing Google Analytics onto your website is critical.

Business Software

Small and large businesses alike should utilize certain business softwares, as these softwares can increase the efficiency of a workplace while also keeping the business budget in check. From security software programs to accounting programs, the software can help your business utilize its time better. So no matter what profession you’re in, whether you’ll need home health care management software or accounts software, it’s worth researching what’s available and best for your business.

Furthermore, most of the programs also have apps available, allowing you to work on business from any location. For instance, for those looking into opening salons and spas, consider looking into a Salon Software App. These types of apps cut both cost and time in half, which is priceless in terms of growing a small business.

Cloud Services

Services like Dropbox, Google Drive, and OneDrive, among others, offer online storage space for documents, pictures, videos, and other files. As a small business with limited resources, storing all files over a cloud server can save you time, space, and money. Moreover, the most unique aspect to cloud servers is the ability to file share from any locations. For employees working cohesively on a project or business partners working on a presentation, edits and revisions can be made remotely, thereby increasing office productivity, as employees can still stay involved even when on business trips or when out of the office.

Additionally, cloud servers offer extra security, as it acts as a back-up for any other copies. Should a hard copy get misplaced or should a computer crash, the file in the cloud server will remain in tact.


One of the best solutions to long-distance conference calls is Skype, as this Internet based phone service allows people to video chat or call other companies or clients out of the country without having to pay a hefty phone bill. Moreover, Skype allows users to send documents via a phone call or video chat without disrupting the call, which makes it an incredibly effective business tool, especially when dealing with conference calls.

Email Services

While social media has proven to be an effective way to market your company and reach out to customers, email marketing still remains one of the top ways to form relationships with customers. Because social media can be large spikes in traffic, it can be easy to fuel all your efforts into social media marketing. However, most who hear or visit your business through social media are not yet loyal customers. In fact, you will probably never hear from some of them again.

One way you can reach customers is through email. Curating your email list can improve the relationship you have with your customers, as it is a targeted way to reach them. For those who have signed up for an email, you can send them newsletters, information on upcoming projects, and discounts for email members only. Services like MailChimp and MailPoet are of the more popular email services, as you can customize emails to tailor the needs of customers.

When it comes to business, work smarter, not harder. With these tools at your fingertips, you can increase efficiency and productivity without sacrificing service.