The Best Emporio Armani Watches You Can Buy


The Best Emporio Armani Watches You Can Buy

Only a few luxury fashion houses have truly cracked the horological industry, but that doesn’t mean that these fashion houses don’t create and manufacture stunning pieces. In fact, Chanel has recently developed its own watch manufacturing arm to tell the industry that it’s serious about making luxury timepieces. Watchmaking is in a whole new ballpark altogether, and truly exceptional watches have an avid following from all over the world. 

One of the few luxury fashion houses that have been in the watch industry for a long time is Emporio Armani. The brand is the cream of the crop among the fashion house’s umbrella brands, and it has such a heritage that exudes not only class and elegance on the clothes it makes, it also is revered in the horological industry. In this article, we’ve listed down some of the best Emporio Armani watches you can buy:

Emporio Armani Skeleton Automatic White Dial

An automatic watch is always a cut above the other movements, not because it’s the most accurate or the most technologically advanced, but it has the most heritage and history. For the uninitiated, an automatic movement means the watch is powered by a series of gears, springs, and other mechanical pieces working together to keep the clock ticking. This means you don’t need battery replacements for it like a watch with a quartz movement does. 

One of the best Emporio Armani watches is the Skeleton Automatic in white dial. This horological wonder is arguably the best of the fashion house’s foray in watchmaking, with a classic skeleton dial powered by an ETA movement inside. The watch is elegant, and it can be worn at any event, even on special ones. It’s not the most casual of timepieces, but you’ll also have other options for that!

Emporio Armani Aviator Watch

Aviator watches are a special timepiece. They were originally made for pilots to record their flight times, made to be durable, and usually have a triangle at 12 o’clock position. Nowadays, aviator watches are more of an aesthetic than true function, but most luxury timepieces that are made this way carry the original functionalities of the watch.

Emporio Armani’s Aviator watch is one of these functional timepieces that marries both rugged style and practicality. Done in a classic black dial for readability, you get a top of the line stainless steel case, with a black Milanese strap to boot. This black on black aesthetic is perfect for a gala night but it will also serve you well at casual dinners. With a water resistance of 50 meters, you can even bring it to a pool party to impress!

Emporio Armani Luigi Watch

The Luigi watch is Emporio Armani’s take on a watch that’s younger in spirit and more casual in aesthetic. A classic nowadays, the Luigi is known for its great-looking minimalist chronograph dial, a silicone strap that has the Armani brand embossed in it, and water resistance of 30 meters. 

Under the hood, you get an analog quartz movement that can last up to three years, with a service warranty of a year shorter than that. The watch is lightweight in hand, which is a joy to wear and is versatile enough for everyday use. It’s going to set you back a couple of hundred dollars, but for the value for money, we think you won’t get a better deal. 


There you have it. These three Emporio Armani watches should be a nice starter collection from the luxury fashion brand. Any watch collector will tell you to get one from each respected brand anyway, so getting two or all of these should set you up pretty nicely. And remember, make the most out of a watch collection by researching the watches first before purchasing!