The Technology Behind Marketing and Advertising


Marketing and advertising used to be categories of their own when it came to doing good business, but because of how rapidly things have changed, even in the last decade, now much of what happens in those two departments is directly related to either technology itself, or changes in that technology over time.

To illustrate this, consider the five following categories of thought when it comes to understanding the technology behind marketing and advertising, including learning about Google AdWords, solid SEO practices, social media technology and analysis, fining metrics that matter, and embracing the mobile evolution.


Google AdWords

One of the things to do is first learn the function of Google AdWords. With a few simple lessons in how to bid on what, you can get intense returns on your investment of time and money so long as you understand where everything intersects. You have to know how to finish your sales once customers come through, but if you have that in order, then the next steps is using your available advertising potential (like AdWords) to direct traffic in the necessary direction.

Solid SEO Practices

Since the beginning of search engines and search engine technology, there have been people hard at work developing solid SEO practices. But, because of changes in navigation and search value, these practices will change over time. And that’s why one of the more important marketing things that you can do is update yourself monthly on what the most successful techniques are, and also why they have developed that way.

Social Media Technology and Analysis

The heavy hitters when it comes to social media – Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Snapchat – all have their own metric and marketing and promotion systems these days, and a good marketing and advertising push on your part is going to include all of them. A quick study of social media promotion methods will be a primer for the paths that success can take, but after you know them, there come the hard work of the coordinated and consistent effort.

The Metrics That Count

When it comes to marketing and advertising, some numbers count, while others are less important. However, that begs the question – which ones are which? To understand the value of any of it will take some careful observation on your part, or you can hire someone with metric experience to help you out.

The Mobile Revolution

Finally, consider the mobile revolution when it comes to making a decision about marketing and advertising. More people get information from the phones than their computers at home any more, and this means you can focus on information relating to people in that format more often as you continue your individual company processes.