The Value Of An Oilfield Service Provider


The oil industry relies on a complex supply chain with several different types of equipment and services required throughout the process. This need for support when extracting oil is the reason companies exist to provide oilfield services. When extracting oil, the support of companies that provide support and help when needed is essential to your project and the company’s success.


The Services Offered By An Oilfield Service Company

When hiring an oilfield service company, these companies assist with several common tasks to help ensure your oil field process performs as intended. Services these companies provide include transportation, seismic testing to ensure safety, well construction, and directions to aid in drilling. Oilfield service companies can also assist with completion and the overall production of your drilling project. However, these companies also provide other useful services. These can include the location of energy sources, data management, evaluation of drilling effectiveness, geological information, and other needed data points. Companies like Renegade with their oil field services Levelland office and other locations, can offer many of the different services you might need over time: logging, perforation, plugs, profiling, to helpful tools the increase safety, like the Gunhandler for safe pipe relocation and work.

Reasons To Use An Oilfield Service Company

There are several reasons to outsource various oilfield needs to an outside company.

  • Scale: it is a large financial investment to have all the tools and infrastructure needed for the entire process from start to finish. This is often beyond the scope of most companies. By outsourcing to a third-party expert, you gain access to resources you wouldn’t necessarily have on your own. In addition, due to oilfield servicing being competitive, these service providers have an incentive to stay ahead of technology, and innovation means you get access to the newest tools and techniques.
  • Increased Efficiency: a service provider focuses their business on providing needed assistance to companies, large and small. Because of this experience and exposure to a variety of working conditions, they know in advance how to best help your business. They likely have worked on similar projectors in the past and can help you prepare and avoid common errors.
  • Better Accountability: by having outside assistance, you also increase overall job site accountability, given you’ve chosen well the services you’re working with. With a separation of tasks and focused managerial structures already in place, you can trust your service provider to have their side of the project organized, and you have a clear chain of command if things need adjusting without creating more work for your company and its leadership.

Final Thoughts

When drilling, you have several things to keep track of to ensure the project goes on as efficiently as possible and maximizes earnings while keeping overhead low. We liked this writeup on oilfield production and development on the topic of many of the responisibilities. With the aid of an oilfield service provider, you can better approach this task and have the support you need.