How to Build the Ultimate Gaming PC Setup


The goal of any gamer who uses the personal computer as a platform is to have the biggest, baddest, and most insane equipment, right? The mentality not that different from a car customizer: instead of quarter-mile speeds traded for pink slips, refresh rates could mean a loss of hit points or online goods.

To build the ultimate gaming machine, certain specifications should be met to even qualify. Below are five essential requirements.


Possibly the most critical element of the gaming PC for most players is the memory. The more memory that can be stuffed in your PC, the better. This will enable you to keep as much gaming footage on your PC as possible, whether that’s from Diablo 2 (check out the yesgamers d2r builds), or whatever game you are trying to become successful in.

Builders should pay close attention to the operating system and motherboard to ascertain the maximum allowable capacity of memory. A minimum of 16GB is recommended.


Processing speed

Although ample memory will enable a quicker refresh rate by limiting the caching time of a game, a lightning-fast processor is also critical. Dual-core processors may be sufficient, but they’re likely to overheat and lead to problems.

To build an awesome gaming machine, a Quad Core processor with 3.2GHz and L3 Caching is better.

MOBO bus

For anyone who’s unclear about this, the MOBO bus isn’t an inner-city connection used to commute to work, but rather the commuter path for information on a PC. The bus speed of the motherboard is the most commonly overlooked facet of the computer.

While this speed is determined by the motherboard itself, the internal connection speed determines the input and output information rate. Increasing speed here will boost your response time.

Video card

Most games are super graphics-intensive, obviously, and this puts a heavy load on the computer. Buying a higher-end video card will improve performance as well as your screen display.

Many games actually require a beefed-up video card that will support high-resolution 3D graphics. Some video cards now offer high-definition output displays that guarantee an awesome experience.

Broadband Internet

Many games currently include an online component. This ranges from simple profile building to actual game play that is dependent on it. By ensuring an ample connection, you can increase the game-play experience dramatically.

Beyond the five essentials discussed above, there are some optional but highly desirable items.

Solid-state drive

Solid-state drives are becoming the most popular and swiftest way to operate a personal computer. Despite size limitations that can restrict your ability to include expansion packs and personalized items, they are incredibly fast and have great response times.

Data recalling and game load times are incredibly improved when you use an SSD.

Multiple screens

Although not a requirement, multiple screens allow for a wider field of vision as well as the opportunity for multitasking. Gamers can have their social media, tips, or maps open on one screen while playing on the other.

Ergonomic keyboard

PC gaming often employs the keyboard for movement and operation. Coupled with an LED mouse, gaming response is as close to instantaneous as you can get. There are keyboards on the market that are ergonomically designed to keep the most commonly used keys ready to hand.

Building the ultimate gaming PC is like looking for the coolest remote-controlled car. A sharp appearance will certainly turn heads but it’s what’s under the hood that counts. These components make up the ultimate gaming machine.