What a business can achieve with the data analyst process


The demand for business analysts is on the increase in today’s market because business decisions are becoming more difficult than ever when you have these analysts at your disposal, they will ensure that every business decision you make or are about to make is based on the most reliable, accurate and valid information.

An analyst will understand all the business processes and how they might be affected by trends in your organization and the outside world. Therefore, depending on your current business strategic priorities, an analyst may channel their expertise to marketing, information technology, stakeholders, and finances. Here are some of the business processes an analyst from Cane Bay Company may help you maintain.  If you are aiming for a Data Analyst career path, I suggest you take a look at the Data Analytics Certification.

Balanced scorecard

This method will be used to develop your business’s four key indicators or measurements that will assess some progress towards achieving your organization’s outcomes. These indicators will address your internal business processes, learning and growth, financials, and customer perspective. The entire process may require extensive use of resources, but it is worth it as many businesses adopt its usage. There is even software offering Automated Balanced Scorecard for Modern Businesses, so it doesn’t have to be a strenuous process by any means.

Business Process Re-engineering (BPR)

This method’s main reason for adopting a business is to increase the organizational performance by completely re-designing the business processes and structures from the ground upwards. This process can be demanding for your employees who already have their sleeves up with so many workloads. BPR forces business leaders to completely take a new approach and look at their organizational systems and re-develop them anew

Knowledge Management

This method’s main focus is on collecting and managing critical knowledge about the organization to increase its capacity and achieve results. Extensive use of computer technology is done under knowledge management. The process may not guarantee to improve performance in the business, but its effectiveness to achieve the overall results may depend on the level at which you apply critical knowledge at various key areas. Currently, this method is receiving some attention in a smaller organization.

Management by Objectives

This method is very important for adoption into an organization; its aim is to identify and align the organization’s organizational goals and subordinates’ objectives. Ideally, your employees may have nice and better input ideas to determine their objectives and plans that you can listen to. The process will include extensive tracking and feedback in the entire process to reach the organization’s objectives. For continuous improvement, many organizations are already applying MBO but not to the extent that an expert might do it and recognize it in the organization.

Strategic Management

Strategic management is an organized ongoing development and execution of a strategic plan. Strategic planning is well known all over for coming up with the organization, vision, mission, strategies, values, objectives, timelines, goals, and budgets. It is a well-known process that every organization must carry out. There are numerous ways an organization can carry out strategic planning differently. The development and implementation will depend on the type of life stage and culture that an organization has.

Total Quality Management (TQM)

Total quality management involves a careful implementation of a set of specific and comprehensive management practices in the organization to ensure that the organization exceeds or consistently meets customers’ requirements. The entire process involves strong measures that focus on controls and process measurement to ensure continuous improvement.TQM is being considered to be an initiative of quality management.

Business analytics is considered to be highly technical expertise which is why it is in demand. In today’s highly complex and rapidly changing business world, it would be best if the manager and business executives can learn and pose some basic skills in business analysis to steer the organization’s progress.