What are the Monetization Mistakes by Bloggers ?


What are the Monetization Mistakes by Bloggers

Blogging does tend to be associated with making money. Most bloggers want to make money with the blogs that they create and this automatically implies that some sort of monetization is necessary. The problem is that there are many mistakes that are made due to a lack of knowledge and improper monetization can so easily hurt your efforts.
While it is obvious that there are many different things that you can try out and that what works for one blog might not be suitable for another, there are some mistakes that are really common and that we should talk about. Avoid them and consider the 10 monetization methods for blogs that we highlighted in the past.

1. A Lack Of Marketing

Most blogs are just launched and there is so little thought put into marketing it. You need traffic if you want to use ads and marketing the blog is a necessity in order to obtain that traffic. Every single week try to plan out what will happen in the following week. Develop your strategy and when the week is over, analyze what was good and what was bad. Blogging is trial and error and all marketing work done has to be constantly analyze while you adapt to what happens based on what you did and the results you obtained.

2. Using An Improper Blog Theme

When you want to create a blog that is profitable on the long run, the theme should be as unique as possible. In addition, it has to be pleasant and really easy to navigate. That is what will make the blog look professional. There are many that think about using free themes.
They are usually appropriate when you just start out but as your blog grows and you start to make some money with it, you should seriously consider investing in a paid theme. They are simply better, faster and easier to customize. Try to ask for some sort of feedback from visitors and see what they think about the theme you use now. Also, think about everything from a technical point of view. Does the theme have space for ads or not?

3. Content Of Low Quality

Most people are not aware of this but there is a strong connection between blog monetization and content quality. You need to put as much effort as you can in the articles you will write. The articles that are written have to be engaging and unique so that the visitors will spend more time on the site. If they do so, there is an increased possibility that they will click on an ad or will be tempted to make a purchase through one of your affiliate links.
At the moment there are surely hundreds of other blogs that you compete with. You have to stand out and the easiest way to do this is through quality content. Since we mentioned content, you should also learn all that you can about content marketing. Every single reputable SEO company in Glasgow and Edinburgh will make the same recommendation.

4. No Planning

This is actually a huge monetization mistake that is really common with bloggers. Growing your blog is not as easy as you might see it right now. In the future you want to have thousands of people visiting and you want to monetize that flow but if you do not plan on how to get there or how to actually monetize the traffic, you will lose out a lot.
You need to run scenarios in your mind and keep preparing. For instance, a few weeks ago a friend ended up with a huge growth in traffic thanks to an article that went viral. He had all the ads at the right places and a nice hook to capture some CPA. The problem was that his hosting package was not capable of handling such increase in traffic and he lost most of the money he could have made. If we would have planned and opted for dedicated hosting (he had the money for it), his profit would have been higher.

5. ZERO Testing

Many bloggers do not make a suitable profit because they do not test various opportunities. You never know what would work and you do have to be patient. Test all that you can from the banners to the themes that you have. Make changes and check out the results so that you can see what works best in your case. Also, make sure that you try the different product types that you may be promoting. Some simply convert better than others.

6. Not Being Prepared To Succeed

Many of the blog owners do not have a suitable mindset. If you do want to create one site that is profitable, you need to remain positive. It does take time to see results and there are not many individuals that are actually ready to start climbing the ladder with the start being located at the bottom. It does not matter what happens in the future. You need to be prepared and you have to keep trying. Eventually, you will reach success.
We know many bloggers that are limited in profits because of the fact that they just gave up. Some of them are incredible writers but they just stopped writing and started putting focus on something else. If you want to start a blog, continue blogging. That is what you have to do since work is necessary for blogging success.

7. Mistakes Happen

We need to understand the fact that everyone makes mistakes. Errors only turn out to be mistakes in the event that you do not correct them. Analyze every single one of the 6 monetization mistakes mentioned above. If you make one right now, make sure it is just an error. Do not continue making the mistake. The most important thing is to plan absolutely everything. Also, make sure that you learn all that you can about marketing since that is what will help you out a lot in the future.
Do you have other tips that you want to share with us and our visitors? If so, comment below. Let us aid each other and make more money together.