Methods on How to Make Money From Blogging


You can use several methods to earn money if you have a blog and a few loyal readers. Affiliate marketing involves selling other people’s products on your blog. To be successful, you must find the right products to promote and test whether your readers and community will be interested in them.


Selling products via a third party is one of the most well-liked ways to monetize a blog. It allows you to monetize your blog with very little initial investment. For example, if you have a carpentry blog, you could sell carpentry supplies through a dropshipping store. Of course, you will still need to handle payment processing and customs, so choosing a supplier with an excellent reputation is essential.

Dropshipping involves creating an online store and loading it with products. Most ecommerce platforms offer solutions to add products and find production partners. Spocket integrates with major ecommerce platforms and automatically syncs orders. This method eliminates the need for inventory management and minimizes financial risk.

Another popular method of monetizing a blog is to charge readers to access certain areas or content on your blog. Your loyal readers may be more than willing to shell out cash for additional information or content. Another option is to create a membership site. A membership site requires an upfront investment but can generate recurring income over time.

Sponsored content

The first step in how to make money from blogging is to determine your target audience. You can do this by doing research and using Google analytics. You can also use surveys to identify your reader’s demographics. Most companies will pay a flat rate for sponsored content. Keep up with your website’s stats, and add social media links if possible. Many brands prefer a range with a high social media reach. Sponsored content is usually easy to put together and is a quick way to reach a large audience.

A sponsored post can be a paid guest post or a product review. Some brands will reimburse you up to $5,000 per sponsored post. Be sure to use the product or service and create a positive experience for your readers. In addition to guest posts, some brands pay for social media mentions, such as Twitter and Instagram. Videos can also be sponsored.

One of the best ways to find sponsored content opportunities is by signing up for an email newsletter. It’s easy to subscribe, and the newsletter owner will send you sponsored content opportunities every few weeks. It will help you find sponsored content opportunities that fit your goals.


The AdSense system displays ads related to the content of your blog. For instance, if your site is about fashion, you will see advertisements for clothes retailers and shoe designers.

Conversely, if you blog about cars, you will see ads for auto dealers, auto repair shops, and other automotive products. This system also allows you to customize the ads. You can even block certain advertisers, so only relevant ads appear on your blog.

AdSense is a great way to generate revenue while blogging. It lets you show relevant ads to your readers so they will click on them and be directed to a product or service they might be interested in. This program is free, and you can remove the ads anytime.

You can also sell your products and services. You can make more money by selling your products and services than ad space. However, selling your products and services would require a significant time and energy investment, making it more complex than it may seem.

Selling physical products

Even though blogging has a low barrier to entry, there are still several ways to make money. One of these is by selling physical products. These products can be anything from books to one-off pieces of art. While creating these products takes time and money, selling them from your blog or through an appropriate online marketplace is possible.

Selling tangible goods may be highly profitable, especially if you can locate a product that fits well with your target market. However, you must understand that the process is a bit more complicated than selling digital products. Use an ecommerce website like Shopify or Etsy to sell your goods instead because of this.

Another option for selling products is to promote an effect on your blog. For example, you can sell products from various online stores and earn commissions when your visitors buy them. For example, you can use your blog to promote Amazon products.