Why do we choose BitStarMarkets?


• 0 USD transactions,

• an ambitious trading platform,

• extended market research,

• one of the best educational tools

• customer service that you can trust.

• no minimum deposit

• Stock trading commission: 0.00 USD

• Options (per contract): 0.65 USD

Main survey results in 2021

1. BitStarMarkets is the best choice for newbies in 2021. It offers one-of-a-kind education for newcomers.

2. BitStarMarkets fits all active traders. People who trade daily and on the short turms. The broker provides desktop, browser, and mobile versions.

3. Online platform and mobile applications are well designed

They are a real help for ordinary investors.

Platforms and Tools

BitStarMarkets makes trading easy and fun. Just a few mouse clicks, and you get dozens of charts with real-time data.

BitStarMarkets has an impressive set of tools. You get virtual trading, advanced earnings analysis tools. Add their economic data display (FRED), community sentiment charts, and historical checkbox markets.

BitStarMarkets also enables traders to create and run real-time stock scans, share charts, and workspace layouts. You can perform transaction analysis as well.

BitStarMarket’s website may look simple. But it’s only at the first glance. Have a closer look. There are some great features behind it. For example, you can place multi-level option orders. You choose from five standard strategies, all from a single trading window on the chart. Then you create an order. It is saved on the same page as the code. Try to change the view to another icon. Come back. The folder remains there until you delete it.

 BitStarMarkets Research

BitStarMarkets provides investors with research recommendations. Feel free to use the BitStarMarkets network plus a unique set of tools.

Every day from 8:00 AM to 5:00 AM Eastern time BitStarMarkets Network goes live. Experts provide a market analysis and trader training. What you get is a real-time report during market hours.

BitStarMarkets provides daily written commentary and market analysis. The content is extensive, from daily markets to retirement and trade education. So you will easily get the answer to any question on trading.

 BitStarMarkets Mobile

The app is easy to navigate plus it contains all the features that any investor might want:

• the watch list is linked to your account;

• stock prices include come with price alerts and news;

• clean and fully functional charts;

• third-party reviews go with research reports in PDF;

• The placement of operations is very easy;

There is no end to this list. Start trading with BitStarMarkets.

 What are your benefits?

Any trader can benefit from BitStarMarkets. First of all, excellent education makes BitStarMarkets a winner for novices.

New users will not find a better broker than BitStarMarkets. Join and learn the basics of the stock market.

BitStarMarkets provides customers with basic banking.

BitStarMarkets offers mobile checks, online bill payments, and ATM refunds.

BitStarMarkets also provides FDIC-protected fund management accounts.

Like most other brokers, you will not share the benefits you deserve.

 Final thoughts: How good is BitStarMarkets?

BitStarMarkets is a technology-driven company. New. Ambitious. Reliable. This broker understands its customers and provides quality customer service. BitStarMarkets is an excellent choice for investors and traders new or experienced