Why you Need Private Health Insurance for Pre-Existing Conditions


The Affordable Care Act, more commonly known as Obamacare, does not make a distinction between those who have pre-existing conditions and those without. This means that private health insurance companies cannot refuse coverage to someone because of a past medical condition. Therefore, private health insurance for pre-existing conditions should remain the same as insurance for any other medical condition.

How to Find Affordable Health Insurance


One of the most important decisions people need to make in their lifetime is choosing affordable private health insurance for pre-existing conditions. A study found that only 40% of Americans are very confident they can choose the right health insurance that suits their needs. You need to do extensive research, like checking online for options for private health insurance for pre-existing conditions to see different types of health insurance.

Check For Health Insurance Basics

In order to make a wise decision about your health insurance, you need to understand the basic terms of the insurance. For instance, the meaning of copay and coinsurance will help you in choosing an appropriate plan.

Check several plans

You can check out different health insurance plans from different insurance companies on eHealth and make comparisons. The health system will help you filter what suits you.

Check Different Companies

You may have heard of a very popular insurance company. Don’t be fooled to stick with only one company because you might get a better deal from another one. To know the details of a plan, you need to look at the cost of specific plans and quotes for private health insurance that covers pre-existing conditions.

Check for Subsidies

Private health insurance that covers pre-existing conditions will make it easier for you to understand whether you qualify for a subsidy on a specific health plan or not. It’s good to get private health insurance for pre-existing conditions that will give you a subsidy, then you will pay less.

Low-Cost Insurance

You need to look for low-cost health insurance alternatives or a health insurance plan that is within your budget and suits your health needs. Sometimes, individual plans might be too expensive. Compare them with short-term health insurance options and see what looks more appropriate.

Two types of health insurance to avoid when looking for private health insurance for pre-existing conditions;

Short-term policies

Short-term health insurance plans have been exempted from covering pre-existing conditions by the law. Sometimes the insurer might accept your application but will eventually not pay for any treatment of pre-existing conditions.

Grandfathered Group Health Plan

If you are employed or in a union, your employer may offer group health coverage that may cover you and your family members. If you have a pre-existing condition, be sure to check with the plan administrator before enrolling in this coverage. Grandfathered health plans were in existence during the six months that preceded the passage of the Affordable Care Act and might not cover a pre-existing health condition.

To get private health insurance for pre-existing conditions, you need to take your time and conduct a thorough search of all the individual and family health care plans.