Why Your Business Needs Tamper-Evident Packaging


Tamper evident packaging keeps packaged items safe and ensures they are not contaminated. Business owners need to provide goods that their customers are confident will be of the highest quality. Your customers should be able to buy products without a second thought, and tamper-evident packaging can go a long way towards your reputation as a purveyor of quality goods.

Continue reading to learn more about tamper prevention and the different kinds of packaging you can employ for your business.

Blister Packs

In the pharmaceutical industry, blister packs are often used when dosages must be measured out. Blister packs are a good option for pharmaceuticals because it is easy to tell if the foil has been tampered with, and the product can be viewed from the clear plastic side.

Shrinkwrapped Sleeves

Shrink sleeves are commonly used with liquor or other consumable liquid distribution. The sleeve provides a clear indicator if the product has been tampered with because it must be removed to access the product.

Twist-off Caps

Tamper-evident caps are popular with soft drinks, condiments and certain pharmaceuticals. The mechanism uses a perforated ring attached to the twist-off cap to indicate if someone opened a bottle or container. This tamper-evident packaging allows your customers to quickly see if a product is fresh.

Tear-off Pouches

Pouches are a common type of packaging for many products because they are easy to fill and provide instant feedback regarding tampering. Usually, the top of the package will be perforated for easier access to the product while keeping the product fresh and safe. Customers can quickly identify tampering with this type of packaging, and it is suitable for a broad range of dry products.

Protecting your products from tampering and contamination is essential for the reputation of your business. If you sell consumable goods, make sure they are packed with tamper-evident packaging to ensure quality and approval from your customers.