5 smart things why DealGuru is today successful


Apple’s fall from the tree was too genuine, but Newton made it something big. Similarly, online store was just another deal, until DealGuru’s inception. In fact, it has proved a deal should be smart along with business margin, as the concept should work in accordance with the market scenario as well.

Dealguru has really understood the Indian market at the atomic level. Let’s have a look at how it has made business with the old wines in old bottle itself. Anyway, the actual smart thing it has done is by picking the best quality wine.



Smartness no.1: Let the time come

In our case the wine is any stuff suitable for Indian market. Yes, the best thing it has done is by going through the branded products those Indians love, but at a discount tag. Time is money; Deal Guru understands it nicely. The same branded items have provoked everyone, but those come first in a race took the chance, and the rest get disappointed. Dealguru simply brings those products to these disappointed groups little later, when it’s not a wonder thing for some. Obviously the price declines as the demand is not high.

Smartness no.2: Perfect presentation/marketing 



It does the perfect marketing and highlights the reasonable price tag to drag more and more Indian customers towards it. To be honest, this was there, but Deal Guru became someone like Newton for Apple. Mind it; it never sells at a loss. Just the extra has been cut.

Smartness no.3: Team work, playing with all

Another important factor of its success lies within its team work. Askmebazaar and DealGuru have played their parts like the players of a relay race, perfectly supporting each other. In addition, they have perfectly followed the principle of business to walk with all. Their idea is beneficial for the sellers as well those who would never love to keep those once branded stuff for a long (as of casting a older heroine).

Smartness no.4: Askmebazaar, the perfect partner

Let’s make it clear about how Askmebazaar and Dealguru complement each other. The former collects through the network the above branded stuffs and fixes a price. If the seller finds it relevant then you see it on the site. AskmeBazaar shares its part towards display, description, and placing image for it, and DealGuru makes it available for you at your place.

Smartness no.5: Too transparent

The sellers, and Team DealGuru(with AskmeBazaar) share their price when a product gets picked. Like a complete player it has understood the value of customer support, as you are always open for returning anything. Talking about the result, it shows; about 1000 dealers are now associated with the concept and almost equal numbers of deals in pipeline. What more do you want?

The damn fact:

We won’t deny the claim that Deal Guru has introduced something on the web platform that used to be frequent with the stores. But’ like a perfect player Deal Guru is serving the same thing that they (the stores) used to have and in return sharing the price. The funniest thing is that all are happy with the process.


It’s a one stop solution on its way by having a huge variety starting from the gadgets, accessories, to dress materials. Means, a deal is on for anyone always, but with the Deal Guru-Askmebazaar platform.