Building Your Brand with New Signage


During the early days of your company, you probably spent more time thinking about lowering your overhead costs and increasing your profits than you did on building your brand. Whether you own one single retail shop, or you have dozens of shops with plans for future expansion, you must use the right type of signage that makes your business pop and gets customers through the front door. Using the same colors and designs on all interior and exterior buildings and across all your shops helps build a sense of brand awareness in your customers.

Help Customers Identify Your Brand

One important reason for using new retail signage is that it helps customers identify your brand. There are some signs that you just see and instantly recognize. If you come across a bright yellow sign with bold black writing across the front, you know that you’re near a Hertz agency. If you see the bright and bold red AMC letters, you know that the theater chain has a movie theater nearby. Customers will come to recognize the letters, design and other features you choose to spot your business anywhere they go.

Update the Look of Your Shop

Family Dollar is a retail chain that sells affordable and inexpensive items to customers. Though the company used the same style of signs for a number of years, it later looked for a way to set itself apart from other competitors. As Dollar General, its main competitor, uses signs in shades of black and yellow, Family Dollar introduced signs that used brighter and more vibrant shades of red and orange. It later added a whimsical design of a parent holding a child in the center of its signs to update its look. Bringing in new signs or fixing up your old pylon sign to look fresh and new can update the look of your company and give shoppers a reason to visit.

Use an Image with Text

A smart way to build your brand is with the addition of an image that relates to your company. You can use that image and your company name together and separately to grab the eye of customers. Panda Express introduced a line of new signs that include an adorable panda on the front, but the restaurant chain also hangs signs with its name on the front or just the panda to get customers interested in dining. Using new signage can help update your retail shop and build brand loyalty too.