Effective Email Marketing: Boost Campaigns with Email Checker 


Email marketing today is experiencing a renaissance and is becoming an effective sales tool in the hands of any company. The main indicator of email marketing is the effectiveness of mailing, the amount of traffic, delivery rates. For email marketing to be effective, you need to carefully create and update your email list. This database should be as valid as possible and updated on time. For these purposes, an automated email checker service is used, which allows you to verify all addresses and remove nonexistent, problematic, and not belonging to a specific user.

Email Marketing

Email Checker Functionality

The email verification service TrueMail  can significantly reduce the bounce rate and increase the sender’s trust level. If your bounce rate is too high, then mail services can blacklist you and damage your reputation. Key features of the email verifier:

  • 24/7 technical support, even in the trial version;
  • Export reports to CSV and PDF;
  • Integrated with API;
  • Removes hard and soft bounce addresses;
  • Removes duplicates;

A high-quality email checker allows you to reach a delivery rate of up to 99%. Many global companies use these services to send millions of messages to potential and existing customers every day.

Checkout automation allows you to check massive email databases. Bulk email verifier allows you to upload address lists and check them in just a few minutes. Also, the functionality of the service makes it possible to check the client’s registration form even before they sign up.

Effective Email Marketing with Email Verifier

SMTP service and other methods are used to check email for existence. It is suitable for both large and small businesses thanks to the support of all popular email servers. Key features:

  • The algorithm removes all duplicates;
  • Allows you to download formatted reports;
  • Checks 100 thousand addresses in 5 minutes;
  • Integrates into any CMS and CRM.

Based on the results of the check, more than 25 metrics are available, which allows you to create effective and valid lists of email addresses. The algorithm in real-time weeds out those addresses, sending messages to which can harm your reputation. Javascript widget allows you to weed out invalid emails even before the client signs up.

If you want to build a truly effective email marketing system, then creating a verified contact base is the first thing to do before sending out an email. Check first, and only then content. Accelerate your marketing with an email verifier.