Extended Stay Hotels and How They Benefit Guests


When most people think about extended-stay hotels, they imagine a place where you can stay for an extended period, usually for business purposes. However, extended-stay hotels offer many benefits that are not just limited to those traveling for work. Extended-stay hotels can be a great choice for a variety of reasons. For instance, a vacation can be extended when perhaps we are in between jobs or on a gap year from university or college.

The ROOST Cleveland Extended Stay Hotel Cleveland Ohio is a place where you can stay for longer. You can have the freedom to extend your stay beyond what might be considered a short vacation. We can be talking months instead of weeks if there is a reason for you to stay in Cleveland for longer to sort something out that may be personal or business-related.

Some of the benefits of staying in an extended or long-stay hotel include:

Your Kitchen

With an extended hotel arrangement, there can often be a kitchen in every room so that your guests can cook their meals instead of eating out all the time.

It can work out expensive to frequent the hotel restaurant on too many occasions, as well as look for restaurants elsewhere. The alternative is to be able to use a kitchen to cook your food so that you can still enjoy a hotel meal whilst still sticking to your travel budget. This will be important for businesses and desirable for households too who only have so much to spend. That is if we want to balance our accommodation costs with other expenses a vacation will invariably incur.

Extra Comfort

Guests are very often provided with a comfortable living space that feels like home. This is very welcoming in the first place and a continued comfort when staying for any length of time on a longer vacation, extended business trip, or when looking to settle down more permanently in a particular location.

Comfort is everything when we are away from home. It is, otherwise, the one thing that we will miss above many others. If we can replicate it and more with our hotel stay, which is possible with luxury hotels, then we can feel satisfied we have made the right accommodation choice and enjoy our time away more.

Cheaper Rates

Hotels allowing you to stay for longer generally provide lower rates than traditional hotels. This discount is in exchange for someone agreeing to stay for an extended period and giving the hotel more business. Also, fewer room changes will save the hotel money, allowing them to pass on the saving to long-stay guests.

Option to Stay Longer

The ability to stay for as long or as short a time as you need is something that many hotel guests welcome because sometimes things do not go to plan or there may be the necessity to stay at a place longer than we first anticipated. The freedom to extend our stay at often short notice is very advantageous as it saves the upheaval of us than looking for alternative accommodation and perhaps struggling to find it in such a convenient or idyllic location.

Freedom with Timings

With extended stay situations, there can often be no check-in or check-out times to have to adhere to. This will provide you with the same freedoms as at home when you can come and go as you please.

It can be very restricting, otherwise, if we have to stick to set times and need to be back by a certain hour when we are perhaps outside of the hotel enjoying ourselves with friends or business associates.

Extended-stay hotels are becoming an increasingly popular option, and it’s easy to see why. With so many benefits available, they are a great choice for anyone looking for affordable accommodations.