Best guide to Choose Android powered mobile phone


One of the hottest trend for almost all existing phone manufacturers is – a device based on the operating system Android. You have certainly heard of it, and looked at the device you want to select it with the OS. To make the right purchase, let’s first take a look at what are the advantages of Android and what are the relevant units in the price range.

Features Android OS

To start, let’s see what the pros do you get when buy the phone with the operating system  as Android.” Of course, is important, and design, and the brand, and “iron”, but more on that later. Let’s try to calculate the main advantages of the OS:

  • All devices use standard headphone jacks – 3.5 mm and typically, one connector for charging and syncing (usually microUSB). This unification will allow you to use your favorite “ears” and find the cable to put virtually anywhere.
  • The main feature of the system – full compatibility with the services of Google, its mail, maps, search, and so on. If you already have an account with Google, it will be enough to use it to synchronize with your phone. If not, the device will help you to complete a simple registration, after which you will be able to use one of the most advanced postal services.
  • Very convenient browser, almost like a computer – you can see the video and flash content sites, zoom on the fly and with the convenience of other links to open multiple windows simultaneously.
  • Multi-tasking, you can open multiple programs and switch between them. For example, you can listen to music, chat in ICQ and simultaneously read the book.
  • Shop programs – thousands of applications to your device, there are both paid and free, for every taste and for virtually any application.
  • Multiple desktops and extensive customization, you can easily install on any segment of the icons, widgets, programs, shortcuts, change wallpaper – there are even animated, very beautiful.
  • Easy setup and management system, all devices with Android OS has a touch screen and extra buttons, so you can easily switch to another system.

For this you can use the phone with the Android OS? For almost anything. Mail, web, games, photos, watching videos, music, reading, working with documents, social networking, video on YouTube – an incredible amount of problems with the system as friendly even to the novice user. And we can not forget about the beauty and thoughtfulness, all of this here in abundance. Some manufacturers make so-called “add-in” for even greater ease of use. With the help of these high end Android devices you can apply for fast cash loans online and get benefit of instant approval. The most famous – is HTC Sense, in fact, virtually independent interface, where the user’s desktops are waiting for news, weather information, the necessary icons and so on.

It would seem that until recently we did not know anything about Android, and now that the operating system is one of the most promising. In addition to phones, recently there are more tablets at its base; some of them are able to replace netbooks.

Here are the phones:

Now let’s talk about something relevant and outstanding devices based on Android OS. Is set to a number of factors, here is one of the most important – is the version of Android OS. When it comes to simple, the higher – the better. Still some phones with OS version 1.6, but it is better to look for at least 2.1. The differences lie in the incompatibility with some applications, the lack of some basic features (for example, 1.6 can not be installed animated wallpaper). Now, let’s see what devices you should consider first.

LG GT540 Optimus , One of the most popular in Russia phones based on Android OS, features include a low price, nice design and materials, there is Wi-Fi, 3-inch diagonal display, uses Android 1.6, has branded widgets. The first is to pay attention because of the look and the price is pretty good camera with video recording, small size and weight;

Sony Ericsson XPERIA X10 , The device has recently received an update to Android 2.1, for now here is set the best camera (8 MP) with the ability to shoot high definition video. Large display, TimeScape branded applications for social networking and MediaScape – past helps you to deal with multimedia content. Traditional Sony Ericsson tech design, the ability to select the phone in black or white, mechanical buttons below the display are very comfortable. The display is made using a capacitive technology, which makes use of more convenient;

HTC Wildfire: Another hit from HTC, excellent inexpensive phone with Android 2.1, good sound quality, by all possible means of communication with the outside world. Display size 3.2-inch, 5 megapixel camera, looks like about Big Brother – HTC Desire, good materials and assembly. Price and company-designed interface for sure will please you;

Literally on the way is another very interesting device from HTC – Desire Z , it is equipped with QWERTY keyboard, capacitive display, proprietary interface Sense, 5 megapixel camera, and other interesting features. TO buy phone or something you need hard cash, If you can’t manage all the money then you can easily get cash advances online from peachy. Feel free to apply for it online.


Naturally, we have listed, not all devices based on Android, but only the most interesting, relevant and interesting. The choice is yours, and the general direction, we hope we have been able to explain. Speaking of hits, this is what we have in mind – for example, the HTC Wildfire is very popular, and with the Sony Ericsson X10, you can make wonderful pictures.