How About Paying A Little And Downloading As Much As You Want?


Most of us love the word ‘unlimited’. Don’t we? Well, how does it sound if it were to apply to Android apps too? How about paying a minimal fee and downloading unlimited apps for the rest of the month? Seems to be another marketing strategy played to the cut, and this time its turn for Mobiroo, a Canadian organization that has projected lead marketing for unlimited app downloads.

Now, this Canadian company is taking up a business model that most of us are familiar with and that’s called – A monthly subscription. Now, this is how it works. You get to sign up with Mobiroo and pay a very minimal subscription of nearly $3 a month. Apparently, this is for a very limited time and the usual routine is $5. Now, doing that, you get access to download unlimited apps from their store, how many ever you want to. An official press release bythe company states that there are a few apps that could actually cost $20 or more without the subscription and this implies that you are definitely saving quite a bit.

Android apps

Apps at Mobiroo

So, what are the apps that are present at Mobiroo? Now, that is something we quite don’t know as of now. Some say that there are a bit of EA fames out there apart from the apps from major publishers such as Vector Unit, GameHouse, Herocraft, and more. There are also several apps that feature a free seven-day trial that needs to be investigated later sometime today.

Can this bomb?

Now, that is really difficult to say. Apparently, all of us know what we actually do when we get a new phone. The first and the foremost thing that we would love to do is grope up for all possible apps, and try them out whether you really like them or not and then, that’s it. You’re done and saturated. Very late, you might get to hear about a new game app from your friend or someone and then download it and scroll through and then, it’s done too. However, you don’t devour the same time that you did quite some time ago, when you got your new smart phone.

All of us are really curious to know what Mobiroo has in store and pans out the next step. Subscription is just one thing and there is a big story to it. Just like Subscription music and subscription movies, say for instance, Netflix, will subscription apps be a hit too? Well, just like any other concept penned down, it definitely looks good on paper, but how about the real world? Do we have a say? All you got to do is just wait and watch.

For the Nexus lovers, if you are on the pipe to own a Nexus tablet, then download a free trial at Mobiroo and make chances to win a Nexus tablet. What’s more when you can download unlimited apps for just $2.49?