iiNet Webmail – Step by Step Guide about iiNet Australia


iiNet is one of the most famous Australian internet service providers in the city. It was initially formed in the city of Perth, West Australia in the year 1993 by the founder Michael Malone. This company provides service around the entire Australia. The products that are provided by this company include things like Broadband, VoIP (Making voice connection using the broadband service instead of the traditional way. Simply internet), Telephone services and the dialup. This company has over 2000 employees. 

In the year 2015, this iiNet company was acquired by the TPG telecom group. They merged together but the company still managed to maintain the retain name. The company and it’s services were still known by the name of the company iiNet itself. The company’s main business is providing fiber optic cables and dial-up phones.

In the initial days, the iiNet company developed its user base with the process of acquisition. The company acquired some small companies in the Australian market such as OzEmail, iHug, etc. Upon building the user base they improved their profits tenfold and got acquired for a big sum of money.

The main motto of the company is to connect better. They were the undisputed kings of the industry before the acquisition. 

IiNet Webmail Access:

Since they are the providers of the internet across the globe they also planned to provide the webmail service. Webmail is nothing but the online version of the email client that is used to provide email services to the clients. You can open the email anywhere and everywhere if you have an internet connection on your device. This webmail also provides the IMAP and POP3 support. If you don’t know IMAP then it is an Internet mail access protocol. You can also use your own domain name to create the email ID. Custom domains are highly charged by the big providers such as Google and Microsoft outlook. But this company iiNet provides you with lesser fees.

Methods to access your email :

There are a lot of ways to access your emails. You need to know the username and password of the email ID you own. For starters, there are two ways you can access your emails. Using traditional software for accessing the email or using the webmail. The traditional software is email clients like ThunderBird (An open-source email client by Mozilla Firefox)  which can be installed on your computer and access the emails. There are two ways the emails can be accessed by the email client. They are IMAP and POP3. If you already don’t know about them then let me explain to you first.


IMAP is briefly known as the Internet Message Access Protocol. This protocol lets the user keep their emails on the mail server itself. The user can access the emails. They can read, write and manipulate the emails they have. But once the email is deleted by the user then the email will also be deleted on the server. The server will be clean and it can’t be retrieved back. Every delete is a permanent delete. But some of the email clients will give you an option to send the emails to the trash can.

The deleted emails will stay there for a brief period of up to 30 days. After that, the emails will be permanently deleted. So it is wise to delete the emails only after properly checking whether they are really not useful. If you are careless then the email may be deleted permanently.


POP3 is nothing but the post office protocol. As the name implies the post office protocol enabled client will use the credentials given to download all the emails from your mailbox into the system that you are using. These emails will be automatically permanently deleted. There will be no trace of the emails. Thus the POP3 protocol must be used in places where you are going to use only one device for checking and replying to the emails.

Since the download is limited to a single device then the other devices cannot access the email from another place. The inbox will be empty. Thus if you have the habit of using the email box with multiple devices then it is suggested to use the IMAP. This POP3 works like the delivery postman. When the postman delivers the letter will be with you but not with the postman. But with IMAP the postman keeps the letter and lets you read it. But in both ways, the delete command will help to delete the emails permanently.

Traditional mail client vs Webmail:

Tradition email clients are Java written software. They are designed to fit all the operating systems and to provide the best user experience at a faster speed. These traditional clients are compatible with iOS, Windows, and also Linux. For example Mozilla thunderbird. One of the best open source email clients. You can manage multiple email accounts with the offline software. You can set up which kind of protocol should be used with the client. 


Not everyone has a device or OS that is completely compatible with the traditional software. What if you suddenly need to check the email from someone else’s computer where there is no client installed. To overcome this problem the people have found out about the webmail. For using the webmail there is no need for the installation of certain software. Only the browser is enough. If you have the browser then you can easily open the webmail and check the emails. 

Webmail is a web app that you can use to check emails from anywhere or can check mails from any device. You have to create an account with these email service providers and you can open and check the emails from any one of the popular browsers. For beginners, a browser is a software that is mainly used to visit websites using an internet connection. 

The iiNet company also has webmail for the email service that it provides. Here let me explain to you how to create an account with iiNet webmail and login into it for usage purposes. Please follow the below steps to log in to the iiNet webmail.

iiNet Login Steps:

iiNet Webmail

In order to login to the iiNet webmail, you need to go to the website and go to the login page. In the login page, you will be asked to enter the email and the password.

  1. Visit the email access page – in your browser.
  2. To access the email address you need any browser that has the ability to load a webpage. Either it may be chrome, internet explorer, opera, or the brave browser.
  3. In that browser type in the URL and it will take you to the login page.
  4. In the login there will be a text box for the username input and the password box.
  5. Type in the credentials and login to the account. If you forget the password there will be an option to reset the password.
  6. The rest password or the OTP will be sent to the mobile number that you have added to the account.
  7. Now you can log in to the account. There you can check all your emails. Also, configure the protocol that should be used in the webmail.

IiNet Webmail Setup Guide:

Here in this portion, we have discussed the ways to set up the email. Here we have explained the set up methods for different types of OS. The guide is for Mozilla Thunderbird, Windows 10 mail, Windows 7 mail, Android email, and Mac mail. Also, the setup settings for outlook 2013 and outlook 2016 are also given here.

Before jumping into the setup you have to note down the incoming and outgoing settings of the iiNet email configuration.

Settings for email incoming:

Email Username  – Username that you used to create the account

Email Password  – Password that you used to create the account

The protocol used – IMAP protocol (Internet Message Access Protocol) 

Mail server to be given in the settings –

Port – 993

The encryption used – SSL (Secure socket protocol) 

Settings for email outgoing:

Required Username  – iiNet username

Required Password  – iiNet Password

SMTP Server for the outgoing mails –

Port – 587

The encryption used – SSL(Secure socket protocol)

Mailbox Limit for iiNet Webmail:

Every email provider will give you a default mailbox size for storing all your emails and documents. You might be aware of the space and use it. If you exceed the space then your mails may not be received. This iiNet Webmail gives you a mailbox space of 1Gb. This one GB is not a big space so you need to keep in mind that you should not let your emails accumulate much. Frequently deleting the mails will keep the mailbox unclustered and spacious.

Also, there are two kinds of ports. Secured ports and the unsecured ports. I strongly recommend you always configure the secure ports to the mail application.

Here are some reasons why you should opt for iiNet webmail:

This company iiNet has won the NBN provider award. They have been named as the best NBN providers. This company is serving as the best NBN providers for the past 3 years. This company is very experienced. There are in this field and providing the internet for the people from the days we were using the dial-up mobiles. IiNet is so far the best NBN provider all over Australia. 

NBN stands for National Broadband Network. NBN is a government provided broadband service that is open to the companies who are looking for a service to connect to provide the high speed broadband connection to the Australian people. People always opt for the best provider whose outage average is very less compared to the counterparts. There are many companies such as iiNet, Exetel, Superloop, Optus, Aussie Broadband, Dodo or iPrimus, Telstra etc. These are some of the sample companies that operate just like iiNet. 

Among the above said companies, iiNet is by far the most favourable Broadband company since it has the very least outage. The average outage is 0.17% for the iiNet.

Complete technical support 24/7:

The company iiNet provides very good technical support all day and everyday. These are very quick at resolving any issues you get with the broadband. The following is a personal experience of mine with the customer supportive executive of the iiNet. 

The problem with my broadband was around 2 am in the morning. I was a little hesitant to call the support but I need the issue to be solved ASAP because it is really an important thing for me. So I dialled up the customer support and to my surprise the customer support people picked it up and answered. They were really polite and gentle with all the queries raised by me. I even asked some simple and silly questions to them but they still politely helped me to solve the issues. I was really happy and thought that I should really tell this to other people and make them switch over to iiNet just for the sake of these polite customer support people.

I remember asking him, “Don’t you people sleep or feel sleepy?”. For that the guy told, “Internet never sleeps buddy, so do we”. I’m awestruck with his reply.  I highly recommend this iiNet company if you are a frequent caller to the customer support and need much of their help. This is really a solid reason to choose or switch over to iiNet NBN.

Zero Activation Fee:

You might think that if they have awesome plans and fantastic customer support then they must be charging extra fees like hell. But the reality is just the opposite. IiNet provides overall affordable plans for the people and even collects zero activation fees. This is super rare. There are a lot of plans available with the iiNet company. You can choose one that you like. Some of the features are:

  1. NBN speeds are tailored to suit your needs and you don’t even have to pay for more than you need.
  2. Flexible contracts so that you can increase your plan anytime and also fallback to the lower plan anytime you need to.
  3. They are providing unlimited plans with maximum speeds for the affordable prices. So you don’t need to be afraid that you overuse the quota. Just keep streaming.
  4. The webmail you have created will be secured by the iiNet company. They provide secure email protection.
  5. When you buy a plan with iiNet you will always get an email for yourself and the home phone.

Their plans start from the range of $74.99 dollars and go up all the way upto $100 dollars per month. Taxes are extra. You can also add a few add-ons. You can make calls to any Australian mobile phone networks if you are willing to pay $5 per month extra. For the $74.99 plan the speed can reach upto 48 Mbps. That’s really fast. Also when you look at the $100 dollar plan the speed can reach upto 95 Mbps.

Also please be aware that if your area is outside the NBN recommended area then you will be charged $300 for one time development charges. Also you can pay an optional $59.99 dollars for the entertainment bundles. 

How to enrol to iiNet Webmail Login?

Here’s how the process of opening an iiNet webmail will go. Firstly you need to have an active iiNet plan in order to create a webmail account. Unlike the typical companies it won’t take long to enrol with an iiNet company. Getting your online broadband is very easy with the iiNet company.

If you wish to open an account with iiNet from online, then follow the below mentioned steps to make it happen.

  1. Go to the website and click “Get a new connection”
  2. You will be asked to enter a few details such as name, address and so on.
  3. After entering the details, you will be asked to choose a plan according to your needs. If you don’t know about the available plans then you can directly call their customer care executives to ask them about the plans. You can also ask them for any currently running discounts or offers too. I have heard that they provide offers if you are looking to pay for a year entirely.
  4. After choosing the offer you need to pay an advance payment or payment for one month has to be paid beforehand.
  5. After the payment it will take a few days for them to verify. Then if they need any details they will make a call.
  6. They will send you the pre-configured modem to your home address. Now you will get the modem and you don’t even need to configure anything.
  7. Just plug in the modem and enter the online world.
  8. Please note that all the plans will have the free subscription to their iiNet webmail. They will send you the credentials.

If you need to know the sales person details then here it is – 131917

This post briefly explains the way you need to login to the iiNet Webmail. If you face any problems while login in to the iiNet webmail please let us know in the comments below. We will have it sorted.