Insuring Your Private Mortgage Loan


When homebuyers take out private mortgage loans the lenders are most likely to deem the loan as an unpredictable investment and can require that the buyer should take out private mortgage insurance to be approved for a mortgage. It is insurance that safeguards the lender should the prospective homebuyer default on their primary repayments and the home undergoes foreclosure. The best thing about this type of insurance is that it isn’t permanent, so the buyer can cancel it once they’ve paid enough of the principal amount on the mortgage loan. It can either be paid monthly or as a once-off and upfront payment at closing. 

Insuring Your Private Mortgage Loan

​​​​Something To Think About

However, if you lack the financial resources to afford to pay for mortgage insurance and you want to avoid it, you can piggyback your loans by taking out two loans. A benefit of taking out two loans to cover your mortgage repayments is that in some cases you can deduct the interest from your federal tax returns as long as you itemize your deductibles. Sometimes, reassessing your finances and making changes to your budget by purchasing a home that doesn’t require you to take out two loans is something to consider. 

Although it is a convenient option to fast-track your mortgage, private mortgage insurance can be costly which results in your mortgage payments increasing significantly. Life is unpredictable and should you default on your payments, you run the risk of losing your home through foreclosure because this insurance option is designed to protect the lender should there be a failure to honor the contractual agreement. Another notable downside to taking out this insurance is that the cancellation process is difficult. So, if you can avoid taking insurance for your mortgage loan it is best advised to do so. Alternatively, you can piggyback your loans or look for a more affordable home to fit your financial constraints.