How Soundcloud Has Flourished the Best With Klickaud


The only way to download SoundCloud songs for free is via Klickaud, a downloader. The Klickaud is the greatest SoundCloud downloader online. Klickaud promises to download all SoundCloud music by inputting the song or playlist URL. Learn about SoundCloud before starting the tutorial.

What’s KlickAud?

Klickaud is a top SoundCloud downloader. This is because they provide legitimate service. No plugins or downloads are needed to use this free tool. The Klickaud, promise you can download SoundCloud music in a few easy steps. Due to this, they receive near about 2 million users per month and offer service for free.

How to Download Music with Klickaud Soundcloud Downloader Chrome Extension:

  • Install our Chrome soundcloud downloader.
  • Open SoundCloud with Chrome.
  • On the Home Page or under any music, you may see a button.
  • Click Download and the selected Soundcloud song will download to your computer in seconds.
  • Playlist songs can be downloaded.
  • In a new tab, open your Soundcloud playlist and look for the button below the tracks.
  • KlickAud allows 1-touch downloads

Why Choose Klickaud? lets you download SoundCloud and other songs, playlists, and podcasts in a few clicks for free. Select any song, copy it’s URL, go to Klickaud, insert a link, and download. This free SoundCloud downloader can replace YouTube-to-MP3 converters. Also, it automatically converts high-quality files to MP3. It always stores an album title in the name of a downloaded file, making it easier to find. KlickAud is accessible via Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox on your PC or an Android app.

Technical details of KlickAud

  • Sign-Up Required: KlickAud’s mp3 export service is available to everyone without registration or login.
  • The 2-Second Rule: The entire process of creating download links takes no more than two seconds at most.
  • co is 99% functional and may be used to download the vast majority of SC music.

Use Siri Shortcuts to Download Music from KlickAud on Your iPhone

Downloading iPhone content is easy with the right app. Apple provides a free software to get anything from the web, including free iPhone music.

The program is Shortcuts. Workflow’s upgraded successor, Shortcuts, simplifies step automation. It can also be integrated with Siri for voice activation. App Store users can download Shortcuts to find this SoundCloud Downloader shortcut.

Copy the SoundCloud music URL and store it to your iPhone. If you prefer KlickAud’s mobile app, click Share and select the shortcut from the pop-up menu.

Enter the relevant song link to see music tag data. If you wish to download, click OK. You can keep the SoundCloud track or convert it to M4A or another audio file. You can save the music somewhere. All music Meta tag information will be kept, so you won’t require a music tag editor to reorganize your newly acquired files.

You can remove the alert action from this shortcut to avoid music download prompts. Set Save File as the last action to automatically save downloaded files. No playlists can be downloaded with this shortcut. Entering a playlist URL returns an error. You can’t add SoundCloud tracks to Apple Music this way. Adding music to your iPhone requires a computer.

How Klickaud Works ?

Klickaud operates as a straightforward online tool for SoundCloud music downloads. Here’s how it typically works:

  1. SoundCloud URL: To download a track, users need to find the SoundCloud URL of the song they want. SoundCloud allows artists to share their tracks publicly, and these tracks can be accessed using a unique URL.
  2. Copy and Paste: Users simply copy the URL of the SoundCloud track they wish to download and paste it into Klickaud’s interface.
  3. Download: After pasting the URL, Klickaud processes the request and generates a downloadable link for the SoundCloud track. Users can then click to download the audio file to their device.

    Benefits of Using Klickaud

    1. Offline Listening: Klickaud enables users to download SoundCloud tracks and listen to them offline. This is particularly beneficial for individuals who want to enjoy their favorite music during commutes, travel, or in areas with limited or no internet connectivity.
    2. Playlist Creation: Users can create customized playlists by downloading multiple tracks from SoundCloud. Klickaud’s service makes it easy to compile a collection of favorite songs for personal enjoyment.
    3. Ease of Use: The process of using Klickaud is user-friendly. Users do not need to install any software or plugins; they can directly download music by copying and pasting SoundCloud URLs.
    4. Wide Selection: With SoundCloud’s extensive library of music spanning various genres and artists, Klickaud opens up a world of music to explore and enjoy.
    5. Free Service: Klickaud is typically a free service, making it an attractive option for those who want to download SoundCloud tracks without incurring costs.

    Caution and Legal Considerations

    While Klickaud offers a convenient way to download SoundCloud music, it’s essential to consider the legal aspects. SoundCloud’s terms of service and copyright regulations vary by region. It’s crucial to ensure that you have the necessary rights or permissions to download and use the content for your intended purposes. Using downloaded music for personal enjoyment is generally acceptable, but distributing it without proper authorization can lead to legal issues.



What is the quality of the MP3s downloaded from KlickAud?

KlickAud downloads MP3s in high quality. The quality of the MP3s is the same as the quality of the original SoundCloud tracks.

Is KlickAud safe to use?

Yes, KlickAud is safe to use. The website does not store any of your personal information, and it does not contain any malware or viruses.

Can I use KlickAud to download private SoundCloud tracks?

No, KlickAud can only be used to download public SoundCloud tracks. If you want to download a private SoundCloud track, you will need to follow the account and be approved by the account owner.

 Is KlickAud legal?

KlickAud is legal to use as long as you are only downloading tracks for personal use. You should not use KlickAud to download tracks that you do not have the rights to.

What are the limitations of using KlickAud?

There are a few limitations to using KlickAud, including:

  • It can only be used to download public SoundCloud tracks.
  • It cannot be used to download entire SoundCloud playlists.
  • It cannot be used to download SoundCloud tracks that are not available in MP3 format.

 What are some alternatives to KlickAud?

There are a few alternatives to KlickAud, including:

  • ScloudDownloader
  • KlickAud
  • SoundCloud MP3 Downloader

 Where can I learn more about KlickAud?

You can learn more about KlickAud by visiting the KlickAud website


Download SoundCloud for free to listen offline music anytime, anywhere. Download music or 2-hour podcasts to your laptop, smartphone, or tablet using a URL link to listen offline. Popular music streaming service SoundCloud bans direct music downloads. However, free alternatives do this easily. Free SoundCloud Klickaud downloader plays music for PC, iOS, and Android.