Long-Term Investment Planning: Tips and Tricks


At some point in life, after you have successfully made a home and family and your career is at its peak, you start to think about investment planning. Long-term investment is the best kind of family investment you can do to ensure a secure life post retirement. The stress of retiring and settling into a less busy, work-free life can be overwhelming for most. It often leads to mid-life crisis and post retirement depression. The main concern for anyone would be money. Intelligent long term investment planning can ensure a sound and stress-free life after retirement.

Earn a Monthly Rental Income

One way to go about long-term investment is to have several properties given away on rent. If you have an apartment or a small office space in a busy area in the metropolitan city, you can rent it and earn a decent amount every month. Managing your own rental property can reduce a lot of your monthly expenses. Make sure that you know the surrounding areas and the rental amounts so as to gain maximum returns.

When you hire a tenant, make sure to sign a rental bond on mutual agreement. This bond ensures that if there are any damages caused by the tenant, they will pay for it. In order to secure your property from any damages and frauds, rental bond is important.

Invest in Insurance Policies

Getting an insurance policy from a credible insurance agency can be a good long-term investment. Medical insurance is common but consider investing in life insurance and even funeral cover insurance. For more information about burial insurance, see here. Many of these policies can be claimed even a day after they are signed.

If you believe that your family will not be able to cover your funeral expenses or you simply don’t want to burden them with this expense, you need to invest in funeral. Like with any other insurance policy, this works the same way. You have to be eligible when you apply and go through a period of 12 to 24 months which is termed under the “accidental insurance”. After this period, the insurance policy automatically turns into funeral insurance.

Superannuation Funds

These funds are attractive for people of all ages. You can easily go for either gold or silver investment for superannuation. This allows you to put in a reasonable amount of money depending on  your investment approach. If you like taking risks, you can invest more but the chances for success are higher too. The higher the risk, the higher returns you will be entitled to.

Studying the global financial scenarios can help you invest intelligently. Make sure that you understand the pros and cons of investing in superannuation funds and then invest accordingly. The constant fluctuations in the market can highly damage your financial stability. Investing in safe funds is advisable.