Structuring A Website For Easier Navigation


The structure of a website must be thought of according to your content, obviously. However,  you need to articulate the organization of this data, based on your visitors. The latter are of two kinds. You will have human visitors, of course, and you must make sure that the information is as accessible as possible to them, guiding them smoothly to where you want them to go.

Search Engine Robots

There are also virtual visitors; search engine robots. You must make it easier for them to read your web pages, using their language and algorithm, and comply with their specific operation: this is the architecture of the site. You will obviously find correlations between the two audiences, the objective of the second being, in theory, to give satisfaction to the first.

The User

Structuring your website using good Orlando web design always starts with the user. The first thing you should do is make sure that users can find, easily and quickly, the information they are looking for on your website. Ensure that they have a pleasant experience on your pages. This must be your first concern. You must take care of your website, like the interior of your home so that it is cozy and welcoming, that users will want to linger, and even to come back! This will also be favorable for your SEO. What for? Because a happy user is a user who links to your pages, stays longer on your site, and provides search engines with many other positive signals.

Essential Element

Another essential element of your reflection will be the notion of “journey”. The tree structure of your website is strongly linked to navigation, of course, and therefore to moving on the pages. The structure of your site must above all serve your web objectives, and must therefore make it possible to mark the user’s journey, considering and optimizing all the possibilities of their potential path. Always, behind the head, the idea of encouraging your visitor to carry out the actions you want him to perform (purchase, contact, download, subscription, etc.).

The Information

Not too much information for a good site structure. There is a concept in psychology called the “magic 7”. It means that humans can easily retain up to 7 pieces of data at the same time (more or less). The main idea to remember? Distill your information little by little. Don’t put too much at once, and you’ll be better heard. In the same way, as much as possible, do not exaggerate with the links. Above all, make sure that they are relevant and useful for the user. Generally speaking, don’t overload your pages.

Fewer Clicks

You’re probably starting to get a little idea of what an effective site structure is. A well-thought-out website structure allows the user to navigate with fewer clicks. A good site structure should not have too much “site depth”. What is site depth? This is the number of clicks needed between a page of the site and the home page. Ideally, it should not exceed 3 or 4. Again, one feature, two effects: this is important for your users, as for the SEO of your site, so take care of the tree structure of your site.

Hire a Professional

An essential key for good navigation is not to force Internet users to think too much. You have to put yourself in their shoes, and provide them with a way to navigate your pages, which prevents them from getting lost, or asking themselves 1000 questions. If you want to have a good website, it is best to hire a professional that offers Orlando web design