Technology & Business: An Ever Changing World


technology and Business

Technology and business… two things that will never stay the same.  Every day brings a new way to approach things or a new gadget to do the job faster.  The two modalities most definitely go hand in hand.  To have the greatest chance at a successful business venture, you must master the art of integration between technology and your business efforts.  If you need a little help getting the ideas flowing, you’re in the right place.  Here are a few ways you can utilize technology to build a stronger and more successful business.

Customer Relationship Management

Technology has graciously given business managers the gift of customer relationship management systems (CRMs).  These systems do the work of several employees in a fraction of the time.  CRM will keep track of each of your loyal customers and their individual preferences.  It will track their history of purchases, any feedback they have provided, and what type of marketing efforts have already been presented to the customer.  This is valuable information for any growing establishment.

Social Media & Blogging

Social media and blogging sites have blown conventional business networking methods completely out of the water.  With these platforms, anyone can put the word out about their product or services in minutes.  Word will travel at the speed of a click.  You can build more of a rapport with your customer base with blogging, as well.  The blogging platform offers any business owner the chance to communicate with their followers on a personal level.  It brings you out from behind the proverbial desk, and into the world.  

The creation of the Cloud

There are no real parameters for the “Cloud” as we call it.  It’s basically just a way to refer to the crazy amount of almost infinite storage space there is to be had by utilizing the internet.  This really cuts costs for any business, but it’s especially helpful for the small business  There’s no cost to be accounted for when you don’t have to use any paper or filing cabinets to store your business records.  The Cloud, coupled with other technologies, will keep what seems like infinite documents and data for whatever your business may need.

Business Communications

The one thing technology has modified the most for businesses all over the world is communication.  Business partners can communicate from anywhere in the world at any time of the day or night.  Conference calls have become video meetings, and some of the ludicrous inventions from “Back To The Future” have most definitely come to fruition.