Easy Ways To Save On Household Energy Use


Easy Ways To Save On Household Energy-Use

If Benjamin Franklin was alive today, how do you think he would feel about our usage of energy? If I were to guess, I’d say he would be a bit surprised (cue in sarcastic tone).  The reality is, we’ve taken one of mankind’s greatest discoveries and luxuriated it to the point of no return.

As I’m sure you’ve realized by now, monthly bills on energy are too damn high—and that’s putting it nicely. But whether we’re lazy, unaware or mislead, there are simple ways to save money as a result of over household energy-use. For instance, taking the time to Compare electricity rates in Texas or wherever you might live can help you to make a huge saving on your utility bills. Sometimes, switching energy providers is all it might take to save money.

If your energy bills are causing you a headache, follow these simple solutions to help avoid everyday problems:


  • Utilize power strips!Connect the cords of television sets, DVRs, radios, DVD- playerstogether—making sure that any unused appliance can be easily switched off with one flick of the wrist. Also, remember to position the power strip in an easy-to-reach location.
  • Take advantage of bundling appliances; for example, take a look at these options in North Carolina Internet bundles and deals.
  • If you make coffee in the morning, once you’ve had first cup, pour the rest into an insulated container to keep it hot—then unplug the machine.
  • If you notice that your water pump stays on too long after usage, consult with a professional to help fix the problem and limit water-wastage.

Refrigerator/ Freezer

  • As best you can, limit your “browsing” of opening and closing the door to survey what foods are available. Each time you do so, cold air escapes—forcing more energy to be used.
  • Leave hot items that need to be stored cool down to room temperature. Hot items forces the refrigerator/freezer to work harder.
  • Run your fingertips along the seal. If you feel cold air that’s escaping, replace or adjust the sealing.
  • Your refrigerator should be set somewhere around 38 to 43 degrees; your freezer should be set somewhere between 0 to 4 degrees.

Home Heating

  • Have a professional inspect your heating system on a seasonal basis.
  • Make sure there are no obstructing items blocking the heat during use.
  • Closing the doors of: garages, attics, basements or any unoccupied room(s).
  • Allow your furnace to “breathe easier” by cleaning it often; you may need to replace your furnace as well.

Home Cooling

  • Whether you are looking at air conditioning installation in Spokane, WA, or Texas, USA, install a cooling system with a high-energy efficiency rating (EER). The decision to switch to a non-EER to an air conditioner with a high EER can end up cutting your cooling bill in half.
  • Use professionals. For example, if you are looking for Flower Mound air conditioning installation, ensure that experienced professionals carry out the installation for you.
  • Mount air conditioner in a cool area or away from sun exposure to limit over-usage of energy to be exerted.
  • If you own a central air conditioning system make sure the area around the compressor isn’t obstructed with any leaves or debris.

Water Heater

  • Take quicker showers and less baths.
  • Slow the acceleration of water flow; installing a low-flow aerator can help you do this.
  • Apply an insulated blanket around your home’s water heater.
  • Make sure all pipes are insulated properly.
  • When applicable, always use cold water.