The Best Time to Post on Instagram



Did you know that there are 3 times when we should probably be posting on Instagram? The first and most important time to post on Instagram is in the morning. Why should you know the best time to post on Instagram? Because when your followers see your posts in the morning, they are more inclined to read them. Also, it is more probable that they are to see your Instagram story.

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So, when is the best time to post on Instagram?

The Instagram algorithm changes constantly, and it can be hard to discern the best times to post to maximize your reach. That said, there are a few tried and true techniques you can use to maximize the results of your posts. 

  • First, the rule of thumb is that weekday posts tend to perform better since Instagram users tend to be less active on the weekend. There’s no hard and fast rule, and posting on Saturday and Sunday can be effective, too. 
  • Second, keep in mind that a “best time” to post is just a suggestion. The algorithm is constantly changing, so don’t rely on any one of these suggestions as an absolute. 
  • Third, keep in mind that Instagram’s algorithm is obsessed with engagement, so you can boost the likelihood that your post will get seen with likes and comments.

Also, use Instagram’s Insights tool to determine when is the best time to post on Instagram. The Insights tool lets you know which posts got the most engagement for your account, as well as which posts got the most engagement for your brand. Knowing this will help you plan your schedule around peak posting times.

Tips to Grow Audience In Instagram

It is no secret that Instagram is one of the most important social media tools in today’s marketing landscape. The good news is that it is free, and with a little planning and dedication, you can grow your audience to an impressive size.

Check out the following tips to help you grow your Instagram followers:

  • Check out companies that allow you to buy likes and followers. Businesses can certainly do this for platforms such as Instagram. It is a good way to grow a business online faster than would otherwise be possible.
  • Prioritize your Instagram profile. Your Instagram profile is one of the first things your following will see, so you want to make sure it’s representing your brand in the best light possible. On Instagram, your profile photos appear at the top of your feed and will have the biggest influence on your followers’ first impression. Since people can only include one image in Instagram stories, your profile photo will stand out as your main profile image.
  • Figure out how you want your brand to look. Instagram is a visual platform, after all, so it makes sense that one of the first steps to growing your Instagram audience is to figure out how you want your brand to look. Using visual media in your posts on Instagram can increase your reach and engagement. Using Instagram’s filters is the easiest way to add mood and dimension to your photos. Still, there are several third-party apps out there that can help you find the perfect filter or filter combination every time. Tap Camera, for example, allows you to experiment with different photo filters. At the same time, Grid is an advertising-free, minimal photo-editing app with a sleek interface that will help you choose a filter that complements your aesthetic.
  • Keep in mind your target audience. When creating content for Instagram, you must keep in mind your target audience. When you understand your market, you’ll be able to create a content strategy that engages them. Using hashtags is one of the easiest ways to reach your target audience. The hashtag is an informal method of categorizing content in an online forum, but it shouldn’t just be an afterthought. Instead, you should leverage hashtags to help you grow your audience on Instagram.
  • Engage with your followers. If your Instagram account is getting a lot of followers, but you’re not engaging with them, you’re not growing your following. How can you grow your audience if all your followers are inactive? To grow on Instagram, followers’ engagement is a must. Send direct messages, photos, or videos. Other ways to encourage them to engage with you include liking and commenting on their posts and leaving thoughtful comments.
  • Be consistent when posting content on Instagram. When you post consistently on Instagram, your followers will start to see your posts in their feeds more often. They will expect new content from you and start to feel lost if you stop posting so often. A consistent effort with quality content on Instagram is the key to growing your account. Schedule posts in advance and stick to that schedule. Focus on quality over quantity.

Reasons to Use Instagram

Because Instagram is so popular, this is where you will want your business to be featured. Then the above will all become more important to you. Look also to link up your other social media platforms and business website with Instagram by mentioning the links to them as often as possible.

Instagram is a fantastic platform for your business. Growing your Instagram account is not as easy as it sounds. Many people seem to struggle when it comes to growing their Instagram followers. Instagram is a very competitive social media platform, and it requires a lot of hard work and time to grow your Instagram audience. If used wisely (i.e., posting engaging photos), Instagram can grow your following, increase your brand awareness, and show your expertise.