The Importance of the Right Tactile Signage Provider


Modulex offers a wide range of wayfinding and signage solutions that is suitable for various industries as well as for every type of need necessary. Since Modulex have a great market focus they constantly keep up to date to provide their customers with the most cost-effective, innovative and customer-oriented solutions. It is important that the tactile signage is especially created to facilitate the usage for everyone visiting your unique environment. Tactile signage solutions can be used within various industries and sectors and is suitable both for internal and external use. It is vital that the provider have great experience within the area of braille and tactile signage as this will aid the visitors if well produced.

Areas of use

When it comes to tactile signage, the area of use might vary dependent on the potential environment or even the meaning of the signage. Therefore, the finishing of the tactile signage might be different. For example, tactile signage can be of a softer texture that is suitable for well visited areas as it does not leave any fingerprints. There is also the possibility of using tactile signage of materials such as metal, which always is a great fit to various environments both internal and external. The most common is however braille signage, as it is a way for the blind or partially blind to actually read by touching the small dot or dots that represent letters or words. These dots will not inflict with the look of the sign as it almost does not show. When using tactile signage in form of braille it is foremost important that it is positioned so it is easily accessible for the partially blind or blind person to reach easily without any disturbance.

When using tactile signage in buildings or environments, it is a way of welcoming everyone independent of possible disabilities such as for example impaired vision. It also a way to make a statement that everyone is equally worth of experiencing new things and exploring different environments.

Raising the aesthetics with tactile signage

However, tactile signage should not only be seen as a benefit in terms of helping people with difficulties, even though it might be the main goal. Tactile signage can, if wanted, also be seen as a way of raising the aesthetics of the building or the environment. Therefore, Modulex are providing solutions where the tactile signage is visible and a part of the design of the building. Modulex are also providing solutions where the tactile signage is not visible and is used with the solely purpose of being facilitating for people with impaired vision that are visiting the building or environment.