Things to Consider When Choosing a VHS to Digital Converter to Use


A converter is the number one piece of equipment necessary to convert your VHS tapes to digital formats. The aptly named device allows your electronic equipment to “talk” to each other so the conversion process can occur quickly and without problems.

This blog will dive into everything you need about video-to-digital converters to get the best results when converting your VHS tapes.

What Is a Video-to-Digital Converter?

A video-to-digital converter is a device or software used to convert analog video signals, such as those from VHS tapes or other older video formats, into digital files that can be stored and viewed on computers or other digital devices. The process of converting analog video to digital is called digitization.

Here are some of the types of video-to-digital converters available.

  • Hardware converters: Physical devices that connect to your computer and capture the video signal from an analog source, such as a VHS player. They usually come with software that converts the captured video to a digital format.
  • Software converters: Programs you can install on your computer that allow you to capture video from an analog source and convert it to a digital format.
  • All-in-one converters: Devices that combine the hardware and software needed to convert video to digital. They usually come with a USB connector that you can plug into your computer and built-in software to convert the video.

Video-to-digital converters typically support a wide range of analog video formats and can convert them to various digital file formats, such as MP4, AVI, or MOV.

Why Do You Need a Video Converter?

There are several reasons why you may need a video converter:

  1. To preserve old video tapes: VHS tapes, Betamax tapes, and other analog video formats can degrade over time, making it difficult to view or keep the footage.
  2. To make videos compatible with modern devices: Many older video formats, such as VHS tapes, are not compatible with modern devices such as smartphones, tablets, or newer models of televisions.
  3. To edit and enhance video quality: Video converters often come with editing tools that improve the video quality and remove noise, scratches or glitches.
  4. To share videos online: Sharing videos online typically requires that they be in digital format, and video converters can convert analog video to a digital format that is compatible with the internet.
  5. To save space: Digital files take up less space than analog tapes, and converting videos to digital allows you to free up space in your home by removing the physical tapes.

In short, a video converter allows you to preserve, view, edit, share and save space for your precious memories recorded in an older format and make them accessible on modern devices.

What To Look For When Choosing a Video to Digital Converter

When choosing a video-to-digital converter, there are several important factors to consider.

  • Quality of output: Look for a converter that supports high resolution and frame rate.
  • Inputs supported: Make sure the converter you choose supports RCA, S-Video and SCART inputs, as these are the most common inputs used with older video devices.
  • Compatibility: Find a converter that supports all recent Windows and macOS.
  • Editing features: Some converters have editing features that allow you to enhance the video quality and remove noise, scratches or glitches. If you plan on editing your videos, make sure the converter you choose has the needed features.
  • Reasonable price: Video converters come in a wide range of prices. Look for an affordable converter that offers the features you need without breaking the bank.

Remember, the most important thing is to get good quality output to preserve your precious memories for a long time.

Ask a Video Conversion Professional for Help

Trust a video conversion specialist if you want the best quality for your videos. Professional video transfer services such as Capture can ensure your new digital videos are of the highest quality for the best price in the quickest time possible.


While you can use a converter to transfer your memories and fun times from VHS to digital yourself, there are a lot of steps and equipment needed to do so. Having a professional video transfer service with all the best equipment and knowledge doing your conversions is a sound investment to get the best quality final product possible.