What Does SEM Internal and External Benchmarking Mean?


The term “benchmarking” refers to the measurement of quality for programs, products, or strategies, as well as the comparison with other types of measuring tools. What benchmarking does is determine what you should improve and where, and also to analyze how you could reach higher performance levels. Benchmarking is extremely important for search engine marketing because it enables specialists to analyze their data easier.

There are two types of benchmarking, which are equally important. We have internal benchmarking which measures the internal performance of your company, and we also have external benchmarking which is used to measure your performances with those of other companies. Sadly, not many businesses are aware of the advantages of external benchmarking, and they usually focus on the internal one. Today we will be talking about the benefits of both techniques.

External SEM Benchmarking

We will start with this technique because it is a bit more difficult. SEM marketers should understand that a constant internal growth doesn’t necessarily mean success. IF you were to compare it to other markets, a growth of, let’s say 60% (which sounds amazing), may not be enough to top another company which has a constant growth of 100% per year. In other words, even if you are moving in the right direction, you might be under-performing, and as a result, loosing the market. In order to win the market you will have to analyze your competitors, and try to find out what they are doing better. Moreover, if other marketing channels continue to outpace your company, you should definitely consider a new SEM strategy, or at least tweaking some features.

Internal SEM Benchmarking

Internal SEM Benchmarking is not difficult to comprehend. As DNA advertising also said, this type of measurement will help you understand what the internal growth of your company is. This can be done with the help of a wide array of tools. One of the best ones is „Inside AdWords”, because it can rapidly benchmark any metric, against a prior period of time. Not only will you be able to analyze last year’s activity, because with the help of the „compare dates” option you can visualize the last 14 days, for example, or other periods. Basically you can check how your business is doing. This can be very helpful if you are applying new strategies which may or may not work.

SEMs are essential to today’s economy. It is also a vital tool people who want a positive-ROI and constant profit.

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