Why GPS Blocker Is a Great Idea for You


Unfortunately, nowadays everyone could become a victim of scammers who use the latest digital technologies as crime tools. So, the usage of global digitalization results in the security of the right to private life is just a great answer to digital frauds. 

GPS blocker, which is also famous as GPS jammer, is one of the indispensable appliances for everyone who cares about their privacy. 

Peculiarities of GPS Blocker

GPS blocker is an appliance, which generates noise at the frequencies provided by satellite navigation systems. The main assignment of such gadgets is to prevent the GPS / GLONASS receiver from receiving a signal transmitted by the satellite. 

More often geolocation signal jammers are implemented by the army or different military units to provide secret operations. However, GPS jammers are becoming quite popular among civils as well. Especially when it comes to mobile jammers of GPS, which have a small weight and are easy to install without any special knowledge. 

So, today GPS jammers are as usual products as Wi-Fi blockers, phone jammers, and any other network jammers.

The confirmation of this is a great choice of GPS blockers in online stores. One of the widest choices is offered by Jammer-Store (official web page – https://www.jammer-store.com/wifi-bluetooth-jammers-blockers/). The online retailer provides the following samples of GPS jammers:

  • APJ-16 – mobile (blocks all signal waves in the 164-5900MHz range)
  • GJ6 Mobile GPS Tracker, anti-tracking gadget (blocks GPS frequencies (L1 L2 L3 L4 L5), GLONASS, and LoJack and tracking appliances)
  • GP5000 Car GPS Tracker ( great navigation jamming device) 
  • TITAN 8W (blocks signals in 30 meters)
  • Albatross Pocket (effective against GSM, CDMA, etc.)
  • Altron-4 35W (blocks GPS within 100-500 metres)
  • MONSTRO 10 (jams signals within 15 meters)

The minimum offered price is $119.99 and the maximum price is $1.200.

In addition, Jammer-Store offers cell phone jammers and Wi-Fi jammers.

The choice of such a device as a GPS blocker is the assurance of confidentiality of your movements and placement.